Losing weight is not that difficult, and anyone can lose weight fast. We all know that too much fat will lead to all sorts of diseases; however most of us are ignorant about these facts. Many people have tried a diet, or even more, but nothing seemed to work. Doing something about the ever-increasing fat mass is extremely important if we want to live long lives. Most of us give up that healthy diet after a few weeks, as the progress seems to slow down.


Weight management is not a two-week or two month exercise, weight management is a life time program and requires intense commitment. Weight management is about body maintenance. And it is just like brushing teeth or washing your armpits it needs to be done every day. Weight loss can be understood through a little education and it is easy and it becomes a natural process.


Losing Weight, Fat Is The Problem

Fat is the main problem. For most of us, fat is not a problem in our early teens; but it starts to become an issue once the twenties are reached. The reason is very simple. Our body is by its twenties fully grown, and on its return leg of decay. Most people live active lives in their childhood and teens, especially when we are still at school and university, and when we have fun playing sports. Activity equals burning fat. The more active we are, the more able we are to build and keep up our muscle mass, and the muscle mass is the one controlling our fat mass. If your muscle are not activated on a regular basis they will decay very fast, giving the fat mass even more chance to enjoy your body.


Healthy active muscle mass is able to burn fat. Water is unable to burn fat, bones is unable to burn fat, organs is unable to burn fat and fat can not burn fat either. Only muscle mass can cut the amount of fat mass in a human’s body.


Decaying Muscle Tissue

A decaying muscle mass happens to all of us as we get older. The older we get, the less active we get and this makes our muscle mass decay even faster. The muscle tissues will be unable to keep up with the ever growing fat mass. The fat now turns into a monster that is hard to fight. The reason is because we focus on the wrong thing. We all focus on reducing fat and weight, rather than focusing on activating and building a strong healthy muscle mass, which will cut the fat mass. And will leave us with a lean body and a body to be proud of.


Power of Proteins

The power of proteins can safe us from greater harm as proteins are able to activate and increase muscle tissues. The solution is to break the cycle of increasing fat mass. Fat is formed from the amount of sugars or carbohydrates in our daily diet. Looking at our daily food and daily consumption, there are too many carbohydrates available. If we cut the amount of carbohydrates in our diet, what do we eat then? Our body requires a good amount of quality fuel to get us through the day. The answer is proteins. Proteins are low in calories and high in energy plus they feed and build the muscle mass. They are also low in cholesterol and hardly contain any harmful fats. By eating more proteins we are able to increase the amounts of muscle tissue and with that reduce the amount of fat mass.


The good news is; that fat can be reduced. If fat can be gained, it also can be reduced, but give it time. Increasing happens over time, reduction takes the same time or even more. Most people gain weight over a ten-year time frame and want to cut it in four weeks. That is not really realistic. Remember weight management is a lifetime goal and exercise.


Weight loss made easy and fast. Reduce the carbohydrates, replaces them with quality proteins and turn your focus on some muscle activity. The monster called fat can be fought when we break the sugar (carbohydrates) cycle.

Weight Loss – The Fat Monster