When it comes to losing weight, lots of people believe the hype of rapid weight loss. Whilst these diets do quickly allow you to lose weight, they should not be used over the long term. This is because not only will your metabolism be running at a snail's pace, following a rapid weight loss program. But its highly likely that you will end up being fatter than before you even started the weight loss program.

Weight Reduction Tips And AdviceHow is this possible, the scales tell me I've have lost 20 pounds. Well you are now fatter because most of the weight you lost was lean muscle mass. Meaning you are carrying less lean tissue and slightly less fat. Which means your body fat percentage has gone up instead of down. Let's give you a few quick tips and advice on how to lose weight the right way.

Weight Reduction Tips One

Start exercising, but not any just any exercise. Most people concentrate on cardio workouts especially women. Some women will not lift weights because they are under the illusion that they will develop a muscular build. Well I'll let you into a secret, most women do not produce enough of the hormone testosterone to develop muscle. Even if they are eating lots of protein and lifting heavy.

A weight loss exercise program MUST include weight training. This is because not only will it help to build and maintain lean muscle mass. But it will dramatically speed up the metabolism. Which is so important, especially for people who haven't worked out in a while and have a sluggish metabolic rate. Which means they only have to eat a few excess calories each day to start gaining weight. So to lose weight successfully over the long term your exercise program should contain weight training as well as cardio exercise.

Weight Reduction Tips Two

Lots of people think that they are able to lose weight from just one specific area. Let me tell you it can't be done, to lose your belly for instance, you need to lose weight all over your body. So to get rid of it concentrate your mind, not on one area of your body. But on your overall body, start eating an healthy and balanced diet and you will quickly start seeing results not just from your belly fat, but from every area of your body. So remember it is not humanly possible to spot reduce when trying to lose weight.

Weight Reduction Tips Three

Never reduce your daily calorie intake, by a large amount. This is because it will put your body into survival mode, which will tell your body to preserve energy and fat by slowing down your metabolic rate. Look to reduce your daily calorie intake by at the most 500 calories, to increase your weight loss results, try to burn off a further 500 calories through exercise each day. If you were to do this every day, you would be losing weight at a nice pace. Meaning that the weight that you are losing is mostly fat. Which means your body fat percentage is going down as you are losing weight. Instead of going up as it does when you are doing a rapid weight loss diet.

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