Weight Training for Dummies

Weight Training for Dummies book

Weight Training for Smart Folks

Experts generally agree, incorporating resistance training into your workout routine will give you maximum benefits and results. But, what if you’ve never used weights before; it can be very intimidating to go into a gym, pick-up a set of dumbbells and start pumping.  How much weight should you lift? Does it make a difference which muscle(s) you work-out first and how do you know if you’re doing the exercises correctly?

All these questions and more are answered in “Weight Training for Dummies” by Liz Neporent and Suzanne Schlosberg.  As with all the “Dummies” books, there is a quick reference “Cheat Sheet” you can copy or take out of the book to use at the gym or elsewhere. The guide covers the “Myths about weight training; Great weight training values; How to be a good personal training client; Weight training etiquette; What to look for in a fitness trainer and Talk like a pro - a glossary of your muscles.” The authors of this book, Neporent and Schlosberg, also coauthored “Fitness for Dummies.”

Weight Training For Dummies
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Introduction and Part One

The book is hefty, with an introduction, six parts, twenty-six chapters, and an index. The book is full of illustrations, pictures and those cartoons that make reading “Dummies” books fun and interesting. There are icons used throughout the book to highlight the “Myth Buster; Jargon Alert; Anecdote; Warning; Tip; Dummies Approved; Posture Patrol and Joint Caution.”   

The introduction covers “What weight training can do for you; How to use this book; and How this book is organized.”

Part one - Stuff to Know Before You Pick Up a Weight: Tools of the Trade: A guide to dumbbells and other free weights; using a weight bench; stretching your workout; lifting your body weight. How to avoid dropping a weight on your toe and other safety tips: The universal, immutable safety laws of weight lifting; weight machine safety tips; free weight safety tips; the art of spotting and being spotted; common weight training injuries; overcoming injuries. Testing your strength and tracking your progress: The safest way to test your strength; tracking your progress; be all that you can be; STREND - a new trend.

Weight Training For Dummies
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Part Two and Three

Part two - Weight Training Wisdom: Joining a Gym or Exercising at Home - Which is for you: Join the club; lifting weights at home; choosing a health club; designing a home gym; free weight options; investing in weight machines; buying bands. Choosing your ‘Guru’: Trainers, videos, and exercise classes: Everything you need to know about trainers; an introduction to strength training classes; all about weight training videos. Weight training etiquette: Share the equipment; unload your weight bar; return your weights to the right place; keep your sweat to yourself; don’t block the flow of traffic; don’t hog the drinking fountain; keep the grunting to a minimum; don’t tote around your gym bag; don’t be afraid to ask for advice; be careful when you offer unsolicited advice; don’t dress like a porn star; treat the locker room like your own bathroom.

Part three - The Exercises: How to read the Exercise Instructions: Introducing you to the exercises; our favorite phrases; breathing lessons. Working Your Back: Upper back muscle basics; why you need a strong upper back; keys to a great upper back workout; mistakes to avoid when working your upper back; upper back exercises in this chapter; dumbbell pullover; lower back muscle basics; why you need to strengthen your lower back; keys to great lower back workout; mistakes to avoid when training your lower back; lower back exercises. Working your chest: Chest muscle basics; why strong pecs matter; keys to a great chest workout; mistakes to avoid when pumping your pecs; exercises in this chapter. Working your shoulders: shoulder muscle basics; why you need to strengthen your shoulders; keys to a great shoulder workout; mistakes to avoid when training your shoulders; exercises in this chapter. Working your arms: Arm muscle basics; why you need strong arms; keys to a great arm workout; mistakes to avoid when training your arms; exercises in this chapter. Working your Abdominals: Abdominal muscle basics; why you need strong abdominals; strategies for a great abdominal workout; mistakes to avoid when training your abdominals; exercised in this chapter.  Working Your Butt and Legs: Butt and leg muscle basics; why you need strong legs; keys to a great leg workout; mistakes to avoid when working your lover body; exercises in this chapter. Advanced Weight Training Exercises: Important safety cautions; the exercises.

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Part Four and Five

Part four - Designing Your Workout Program: Designing a Basic Workout: Jargon you actually need to know; the rap on reps; the scoop on sets; essential elements of a weight routine; how to custom-design a routine; sample beginner routines. Expanding Your Repertoire: The big picture: organizing your program month to month; weight training week by week; ideas for organizing your daily workout; advanced training techniques.

Part five - Beyond the Barbell: Yoga and Pilates: What’s the difference between yoga and Pilates; what will yoga and Pilates give you that weight training won’t; can yoga and Pilates replace weight training; how can I fit yoga and Pilates into my fitness program; more details about yoga; the lowdown on Pilates. Whipping Your Heart and Lungs into Shape: What type of activities count as aerobic exercise; how many days a week should I do aerobic exercise; should I do aerobic exercise before or after my weight workouts; is it true that I’ll lose more weight if I exercise at a slower pace; so how hard should I work out; how do I take my pulse; if I do aerobic workouts regularly, when will I start seeing results; what is the best cardiovascular machine; can I make cardio exercise machines less boring? Stretching - the truth: Why stretching is so controversial; Traditional stretching; assisted stretching; PNF – Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation: active isolated stretching. Improving your balance and coordination: Losing balance with age; balance exercises; nifty balance gadgets. Pills, Powders, and Potions - nutrition in a nutshell: The scoop on fat-burning and muscle-building supplements; the lowdown on protein; do energy bars really give you energy?

Weight Loss Kit For Dummies
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Part Six

Part six - The Part of Tens: Ten Ways to Educate Yourself about Weight Training: Read fitness magazines; be a Voyeur; browse the web; read books; hire a cyber trainer; hook up with an advice board; hire a registered dietitian; keep a training log; get certified as a trainer. Ten Myths and Misconceptions about Weight Training: You’ll get huge unless you lift light weights; you’re the only one in the gym baffled by the equipment; lifting weights is dangerous; thigh exercises will slim your thighs and ab exercises will whittle your middle; the best trainers are those with the best bodies; lifting weights won’t help you lose weight; there’s one best weight training program; stretching is a good warm-up for weight lifting; free weights are for muscle-heads and machines are for beginners; not everyone needs to strength train. Ten Major Weight Lifting Goofs: Cheating your abs; squatting too far; arching your back; lowering your elbows too far; pulling a fast one; sticking your butt up; exaggerating the row; carrying a weight plate too casually; finishing an exercise the wrong way; spotting too much – or not enough. Ten (G-Rated) Things You Can Do with Latex Rubber: Bands on the run; tips on using an exercise band; ten excellent band exercises. Ten Weight Training Deals and Duds: Five great weight training values; five weight training rip-offs.

This book has everything you need to know, and probably more!

Fitness For Dummies
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