After a long hard winter, when spring and summer are on the horizon, many people consider losing weight. During the dark cold days of winter it is all too easy to pile on the pounds. With the warmer days and lighter evenings people venture out and about more often; clothing is less bulky and, come summer, it is hard to hide any unsightly flab at all.

Perhaps now, then, is the perfect time to begin a healthy weight loss plan

If you aim to lose a steady, reasonable amount of weight, the weight should stay off plus, come those balmy beach days, you should feel much happier with your body shape.


We all know that exercise can help tone a body and shift a few pounds in weight but motivation can be a problem. You do not have to exercise like a maniac though. Simple exercise routines, such as swimming regularly, walking more and jogging can really help. The walking can involve walking a pet or shopping. Shopping has the bonus of bone strengthening if you carry the shopping home yourself.

Throw yourself into spring cleaning or home decorating,  to keep yourself active. The garden may need sorting out for summer and this can burn off many calories also.

Many of us have games these days, such as Wii and Wii fit, and these will aid a weight loss program but still be fun. If such expensive toys are out of your league though, what about a good old-fashioned skipping rope.


These days restrictive diets are often frowned upon. Many people claim that such diets, in effect, make you fat. It is far better to begin a healthy eating plan.

Make sure that you include low-fat and low-calorie healthy eating options which you like to eat. It is no good including foods which you cannot stand.

Drink plenty of fresh cold water and avoid alcohol. Fizzy soft drinks are best avoided also.

Aim to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. These do not have to be large portions. A small handful of strawberries, a small amount of carrots, one apple, a couple of tomatoes and a few sprigs of parsley may suffice. However the more the merrier.

Adjust your cooking

Some foods are not that fattening. What can cause problems is how you cook the item. For instance, potatoes are not that bad but, if you fry them, especially in something such as lard, they become off-limits for sensible eaters.

Replace full-fat milk with skimmed milk. Opt for low-fat butters or spreads. Limit your intake of red meat, fats, cream and cheeses. Avoid chocolate, candy, cakes and biscuits.

Check the label of products, such as yogurt, so that you buy the one with the most nutrition but lowest fat content. It is surprising just what a difference such a choice can make.

Final thoughts

Be realistic about your weight loss. A healthy eating weight loss plan will take time. It is really a change for life.

There is nothing wrong with the odd biscuit or glass of wine, once you have lost the weight you want to, but take care. Weight has a habit of returning far more quickly than it does of leaving your body when you diet.

A sensible weight maintenance eating plan should help you to stay slim and healthy.