Weight Loss TricksCredit: morguefile.comLooking for some additional weight loss tricks and tips that are safe? Ones that don't have you buying odd foods, or popping pills? But don't want to survive on rice cakes and lettuce leaves? Totally understand. Sometimes it just takes a bit of tweaking to get it right, but it can be done.

What ever you do to help your weight loss program, it needs to be something you can stick with. It has to be habit forming, in a good way, and help you either lose more weight or at least get off that plateau you are stuck on (that is me!), and still feel good and not starving. If you feel good, you are more likely to stick with it.

While doing research for my own weight loss program, I cam across these "weight loss tricks" All are safe, and who knows? They just might work for you. The second two are really more about lifestyle changes. You may think they are not going to help you, and you may laugh, but if you really pay attention to some of your eating habits, you may just see yourself in these scenarios. It doesn't take much in the way of extra calories to add to your day. So try these 3 tips and see what you think:.

1. Soy Latte - Weight Loss TricksWeight Loss Tricks(132721)Credit: morguefile.com

Apparently, there was a study done at the University of Illinois, that found a reaction happened when the protein in the soy milk mixed with the caffeine in the coffee. They work together to supercharge your metabolism!

Soy and caffeine increase the rate that your body burns fat. and reduces the overall fat storage.

I have tried this, and the first thing I noticed, is that I was not hungry for at least 2 hours! The soy protein, I think fills you up, and you really don't need a snack with this. The soy milk tastes very nice in this drink. You can get this at specialty coffee houses, such as Starbucks or you can make your own at home (cheaper!) I purchased the light version of Soy milk that only has 70 calories per cup, and heated it up in the microwave then added a teaspoon of full bodied, dark roast instant coffee. Tastes really good! Actually tastes like a treat. Now use the plain soy milk, not the chocolate or vanilla, as they sometimes have extra calories and sugar.

I think you can lose weight with this, simply because it fills you up for 70 calories, not sure about the chemistry of it, just that I didn't need a snack, it felt like a snack on its own. I found it tasted good after a workout. I would drink my water, and then have one of these as I was relaxing.. was not reaching for food.

The study did say, to have about 3 of these a week. I personally have one a day, I have already taken a liking to it.

2. Eat Less with Slow Tunes - Weight Loss Tips and TricksWeight Loss Tips and TricksCredit: morguefile.com

Research has shown, that restaurants that want you to eat up and leave, play fast music (such as fast food places) It is believed that the faster the tempo of the music, the faster you will eat. You will tap your feet with the music, and rush your food.

However, if you sit down, and take a deep breath and let it out slow, and then listen to slow music such as Mozart etc, you will tend to eat at a much slower pace, which gives your brain and stomach a chance to talk to each other! The brain will say "I am full much sooner" and your digestion will thank you for not rushing your meal. You will tend to eat less as well. By being calm, you will chew your food more times, and you will fill up quicker. You will also be more aware of your food and how it tastes, and enjoy it, rather than wolfing it down.

3. Sit at all mealsWeight Loss Tricks(132722)Credit: morguefile.com

This one definitely works for me.. If you put all your meal on a plate, and sit yourself down at the table, you will eat much less, then standing at the counter, or staring into an open fridge! I know if you don't put your food on a plate, you really have no idea how much picking and snacking you are doing. Mindlessly eating at the fridge is another bad habit. I used to pick at things to eat, while I was trying to decide what to eat! If you took all those "pickings" and put them on a plate, you may find you already ate dinner!

You don't tend to get that "full" feeling from the brain, when you are wandering around the kitchen picking at things to eat, or eating standing at the counter. You are usually thinking about all the things you have to do, and that is why you are not sitting in the first place right?. You think "I will just eat this", or grab that, look at the paper on the counter, or be filling up your to do list while you are eating your food. Next thing you know you are picking at more food, and just don't feel satisfied.

This is one of the best weight loss tricks I have found that worked for me.

Fill your plate, and sit down, eat slowly and listen to slow music.. Maybe have a soy latte for dessert!

Try these three weight loss tips, and see what you think. Remember, it can be a hard habit to break, eating at the counter or on the run. But if you make the time, and only eat what is on your plate, you have a better chance of succeeding with your weight loss program.

Make a deal with yourself. Tell yourself the next time you want to grab a snack, that you can only eat, if you can sit down to eat it.. You might find you either A. don't really need a snack, it was just mindless munching, or B. You will be more aware of what you are eating.

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