Weil Mclain Gas Fired Hot Water BoilerWeil Mclain Ultra Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler Reviewed, is an article that will take an in depth look at the industries top performing Computerized gas boiler. New on the hydronic scene, the Ultra is the top of the line from this company to date.

With a newly innovated modulating gas valve, this boiler is at the forefront of the hydronic industry both in reliability and efficiency. A company that has been around for a very long time continuing to bring quality products to the market.

Built from lightweight aluminum, the heat exchanger on this boiler holds a couple of gallons of water as apposed to the ten or twenty gallons conventional cast iron wet base boilers would hold. This smaller water capacity greatly improves efficiency by allowing the boiler to reach temperature in a fraction of the time it would take a conventional unit.

Gas boilers of this type are condensing boilers and will require a condensate drain to remove the resulting condensed water that the boiler will emit. This adds to the efficiency rating of the system. Saving money is a great feature when it's also joined by innovations in technology like the ultra boilers posses.

Weil Mclain Gas boilers can be installed in new applications or used to retrofit an existing system that is outdated or undersized. Comfort will be achieved by properly sizing the boiler for your specific system. Three sizes are available to heat anything from the small apartment size living space to a twenty room mansion with multiple zones and types of radiation.

Custom designed systems may include radiant heating in floors or driveway melting technologies that will melt the snow as it falls if you live where there is a harsh winter climate. This can be an unbelievable savings just on plowing costs for one winter. Safety is improved and accidents are also reduced when driveways are clear of hazardous snow and ice.

The gas valve on this boiler uses advanced modulating principles that are varied by data that is fed to a computer from outside sensors that will read the temp outdoors and calculate the return water temperature and the feed water temperature. then adding in the outside temp it knows how hot to fire the boiler's gas valve to achieve the optimal water temp throughout the system to achieve the most efficient heating rate.

All of this sounds very complicated but it's really not. A simple thermostat calls the boiler, it heats the water as hot as it needs to be to provide warmth within an area taking into consideration, how cold it is outside.

This company has a stout reputation for backing a product that has a very good track record for out living it's competitors. Boilers that were installed bearing the Weil Mclain name are known to be fifty years old and still and older and still fully operational.

An option to make domestic hot water is another feature of this unit and it can do it more efficiently then most water heaters. An additional pump is installed and the computer can be set to prioritize the hot water zone and shut down the heating zone whenever there is a call for domestic hot water. It takes ten to fifteen minutes for the hot water to rapidly recover and then the heating will restart. This priority type of zoning is a great way to get the most hot water in the fastest time for the least amount of fuel expended.

A very green product, the federal government of the United States includes this boiler in the homeowners reimbursement program that will credit a taxpayer fifteen hundred dollars for updating to one of these units. That has been a pretty good incentive as these boilers are now becoming common place across the northeast, as well as the rest of the United States colder areas.

After having installed many of these units in the past few years I would highly recommend anyone who needs a new gas fired hot water boiler to consider this brand and model. The name stands behind the product and servicemen stand behind the name.

Weil Mclain Ultra Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler Reviewed, sounds like an endorsement but it's only an opinion. I have however been installing boilers and other heating apparatus for the past forty years so I've seen a few.

The oldest Weil Mclain boiler I've serviced, was still running fine and made in 1957. Converted to hot water from steam and to gas from coal. It had been adapted for the times as well as withstanding it.