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Each person who chooses to have a body modification done, such as piercings, has their own reasons behind it. However, the most common explanation behind it is that body piercing has become a fashionable way to show off ones personality and style.  Here you will find some unique, weird or simply not too common piercings

Anti Eyebrow Piercing 

This facial piercing, though not one of the common piercings, has been around for awhile. Typically the anti-eyebrow piercing (which is a surface piercing)  is located above the cheek bone and parallel to the eyebrow.  This surface piercing is some times also referred to as a "tear drop" or "tear" piercing. 

Third Eye Piercing 

Often this surface piercing, which can be done vertically or horizontally, is seen just above the bridge of the nose or higher up at the point just above the eyebrow line. Due to the location of this piercing it is not one that is considered long-term for many who choose to get it done. The location makes it easy to snag on shirts and other clothing items and the chances of rejection are greater due to strain that can be put on the facial tissues surrounding this piercing. (You can get a sense of this if you raise your eyebrows or squint - you will feel the skin from between the eyes to areas of the forehead become tight).

Earl or Bridge Piercing 

The Erl, Earl or Bridge piercing, as it is known, is a surface piercing of the skin over the bridge of the nose. Like other surface piercings it comes with a high chance of rejection and a higher possibility of scarring when compared to other pierce-able locations. Though it's general location may have some confusing this with a "third eye" piercing it is actually lower and not seen placed higher above the bridge of the nose as is common with the "third eye". 

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Not to be confused with a lower placed labret piercing, a chin piercing is placed through the skin of the chin area. This type of piercing, as many of the not so common piercings, is a surface piercing unlike a lowbret or labret piercing which actually pierces the skin and into the mouth. More often than not this type of body modification is seen using a vertical placement as opposed to horizontal placement which has proven to have a higher risk of rejection. 

Cheek and Dimple  Piercings 

Similar as far as being placed in the cheek area these piercings can be: surface, microdermal or complete through and through piercings, depending on preference and the desired look one is going for. With dimple piercings, the obvious location is where one wants dimples to be and for a standard cheek piercing it can be just about anywhere in the cheek region, the process can cause minor nerve damage because of the location being pierced and for through and through piercings individuals can be at risk of tooth and gum damage caused by intruding jewelry. 

Corset Piercings 

Corset PiercingsCredit: royal1tattoos.comThis fairly uncommon piercing is  seen on the back most often and is done in such a fashion that it resembles  actual corset lacing (just add the ribbon).  Consisting of 2 vertical rows of surface piercings, that run down the back parallel to each other, the completed work can take some time and a few visits to a piercing artist to complete.  As with other surface piercings these are prone to rejection and less likely to last long-term which is also contributed to by the location which adds a higher risk of being snagged on clothes. 

Sternum Piercings 

This painful looking body adornment is actually no more painful than many of the other surface style piercings that you see. This is made (vertically, most often) through the surface skin of the chest between or slightly above the central breast area (better known as the cleavage).  Without great care by the piercing artist and the individual getting this piercing it can be a higher risk than some pierce sites of rejection.  Unusual though it may be it is becoming more and more popular among younger women, though many men also flaunt this type of body modification.

Hand Web Piercings 

If one was to spread their fingers they would clearly see what is referred to as the hand-web, which is the web of skin between the fingers. With a hand web piercing the most common location for this is the webbing between the thumb and pointer finger although some may choose to have it done between any of the digits that they so choose. This style of piercing is also considered a surface piercing which means rejection of the barbell or other body jewelry is a higher risk than what would be deemed a more permanent piercing. 

Uncommon Labret Style Piercing

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This list is in no way a complete list of all the weird and uncommon piercings that have been done or are available to be done at most body modification shops (often, tattoo parlors).  If there is a location covered by skin - there is a high likelihood that it can be home to a permanent or semi permanent piece of body jewelry.  

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