March HolidaysWelcome to one of the most interesting articles on March holidays you will ever read. It will help you realize just how many wacky, odd, goofy, peculiar, unknown, bizarre, strange and weird holidays there really are in any given month. Although the list will be extensive, it may not be the ultimate authority on the subject as I am taking a little liberty by listing only the celebrations I (and hopefully you) find interesting whether they be authentic or of a questionable nature. Don’t worry the questionable ones are separate from the rest.

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Daily March Holidays That Can Change

• Absolutely Incredible Kids Day: Held on the third Thursday every March. Many suggest writing a letter to your kid on this day to let them know how special he or she really is.
• Ash Wednesday: The first day of Lent which occurs 46 days before Easter.
• Employee Appreciation Day: Always on the first Friday.
• National Corndog Day: First Saturday of the NCAA Men's Division 1 Basketball Championship.
• National Quilting Day: Always on the third Saturday.
• World Storytelling Day: Celebrated every year on the spring equinox (1st day of spring) in the northern hemisphere. The perfect time to come up with good story ideas.

Daily Holidays in March That Stay the Same

1- National Pig Day: Celebrated more in the Midwest.
2- Read Across America Day: This is also the day on which Dr. Seuss was born.
3- What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs? Day
4- International Scrapbooking Day
5- Saint Piran’s Day: National day of Cornwall in the UK.
6- National Frozen Food Day
7- National Be Heard Day: Small business owners can voice their concerns.
8- International Women’s Day
9- Get Over It Day
9- Panic Day: One of the more interesting March holidays.
10- Mario Day: Named so because of the way it is written “MAR, 10”. Popular with those in the video game culture.
11- Johnny Appleseed Day: Apples for everyone!
12- Girl Scout Day
13- Ear Muff Day: Patented on this day way back in 1877 by Chester Greenwood.
13- Good Samaritan Involvement Day: At least 38 neighbors either heard or saw Catherine Genovese (Queens, NY) being chased, stabbed and eventually killed by an attacker. The unfortunate series of events lasted for nearly 30 minutes. No one got involved.
14- National Pi Day: Unfortunately this day has nothing to do with tasty desserts; this one is all about the mathematical number of 3.14.
14- National Potato Chip Day
14- White Day: A popular March holiday in Asia where men pay back women that gave them chocolates on Valentine’s Day.
15- Ides of March: A Roman holiday celebrating the death of Julius Caesar.
15- Buzzard Day: A big day in Hinckley, Ohio as flocks of buzzards return from their winter hiatus.
15- True Confessions Day: Just be careful what you confess and to whom.
16- Lips Appreciation Day: Couples find March holidays like this one a very good excuse to show plenty of public affection towards their partner.
17- St. Patrick’s Day: A day where pinching strangers is encouraged, so make sure to wear your green. And just for you, here's A List Of Irish Drinking Songs For Your Party.
18- Awkward Moments Day; perfectly fitting for the day following one of the world's most conspicuous consumption of alcoholic beverages.
19- National Chocolate Caramel Day; maybe your hangover is still hanging over?
20- Proposal Day: Now you know why she looks at you funny on this day. Time to make up for your St Patrick's Day blunders.
20- Snowman Burning Day; hello Global Warming!
21- International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
22- International Goof-Off Day, which coincides closely with the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.
22- World Day for Water (or World Water Day): time to rehydrate again.
23- National Puppy Day: A great day to watch some funny dog videos or make some of your own.
23- Near Miss Day: Named so because of the huge asteroid that nearly hit our planet on March 23, 1989.
24- National Chocolate-Covered Raisin Day. Make mine dark chocolate, please.
25- International Waffle Day: Originated in Sweden.
25- Pecan Day: The only nut tree native to North America.
25- Tolkien Reading Day: Chosen due to the fact that this day was the downfall of Sauron.
26- Make Up Your Own Holiday Day: I wonder how many March holidays were created on this day.
27- World Theatre Day: All the world's a stage, after all.
28- Something on a Stick Day: Fudgecicles, corndogs and cocktail wieners are all welcome.
29- National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day
30- National Doctor’s Day
30- Pencil Day (or Pencil Appreciation Day): Where would our society be without this unappreciated writing device?
31- Bunsen Burner Day: for all your unappreciated pencils.

Weekly Observances of March

• American Chocolate Week: Always on the third week of the month.
• National Bubble Week: Coinciding with the first day of spring.
• National Cheerleading Week: First full week in March.
• Mardi Gras: A month long celebration beginning on or around Epiphany (early February) and ending on Fat Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday in March).
• Poison Prevention Week: Every third week in March.
• World Rattlesnake Round-Up: Held every second weekend of March with Sweetwater, Texas being the most popular destination for celebration.

Monthly March Celebrations and Observances

• Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month
• American Red Cross Month
• Irish-American Heritage Month
• Music in Our Schools Month
• National Craft Month: Why not let your artistic talents loose?
• National Umbrella Month
• Women’s History Month

Questionable March Holidays

4- Holy Experiment Day: A day to try something religious and measure the results.
5- Multiple Personality Day
6- Dentist’s Day
7- National Crown Roast of Pork Day
8- Be Nasty Day: An excuse to be nasty, but not cruel.
12- Alfred Hitchcock Day
13- Jewelry Day: I wonder if a woman started this one.
13- Open An Umbrella Indoors Day
14- Save a Spider Day
15- Everything You Think Is Wrong Day
15- Peeps Day: As in the marshmallow candies popular around Easter.
16- Everything You Do Is Right Day
17- Spinach Appreciation Day: Did Popeye make this one up?
18- Goddess of Fertility Day: A day to celebrate Aphrodite and bringing new life into the world. This would be the perfect day for abstinence if you’re not looking to have a child.
19- Poultry Day
20- Extraterrestrial Abductions Day
20- Rotten Sneaker Day: “Smell my feet Dada!”
27- Viagra Day: The Food and Drug Administration approve the infamous drug for use.
29- Festival of Smoke and Mirrors Day: A day meant for illusions.
30- Death to Hornets Day: Held in the small town of Hornatia, Illinois. Also takes place on June 14 and July 12.
31- Clams on the Half Shell Day

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