You have just found what could be one of the more interesting articles on November holidays that you will ever read. We all know that there are some rather strange, odd, wacky, bizarre and just plain weird holidays out there, but what you don’t realize is just how many there are in any given month. Below you’ll find the usual suspects, the not so usual suspects and celebrations of a questionable nature. Don’t worry; I have taken the liberty of separating those holidays of a dubious nature, so it will be up to you if they are to be used as an excuse for something. The only other caveat I offer is that this is by no means a complete list (many more could be added). I’ve decided to list only the ones that are commonly followed and those that I find interesting. I hope you find the article entertaining as well as informative.

Daily November Holidays That Can Change

• Black Friday: The day after Thanksgiving.
• Book Lovers Day: First Saturday of the month.
• Cyber Monday: Monday after Black Friday.
• General Election Day: The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.
• Great American Smokeout Day: Kick the habit on the third Thursday of the month.
• International Philosophy Day: Every third Thursday of November.
• National Adoption Day: Saturday before Thanksgiving.
• National Young Readers Day: Second Tuesday of the month.
• Thanksgiving Day: Always on the fourth Thursday of November.

Daily Holidays in November That Stay the Same

1-All Saints Day: Honoring the saints of the Christian church and formerly known as All Hallows Day. That’s why Halloween is also known as “All Hallows Eve.”
2-All Souls Day: A day to commemorate those loved ones who have recently passed away. In Mexico it is called Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead and the entire month of November is dedicated to praying for the dead and recently deceased.
2-National Deviled Eggs Day: They are good (if you don’t add too much vinegar).
3-Housewife Day: A day to celebrate stay at home moms and wives.
3-Sandwich Day: My favorite is a BLT with turkey piled on heavy.
5-Gunpowder (or Guy Fawkes) Day: Commemorates the English Gunpowder Conspiracy of 1605.
6-Saxophone Day: The creator, Adophe Sax, was born on this day in 1814.
8-X-Ray Day: One of the greatest super powers I’ve always wanted. Did I mention this article was about weird November holidays?
10-USMC Day: Celebrating the creation of the U.S. Marine Corps.
10-Sesame Street Day: I watched this PBS show religiously when I was young.
11-Veteran’s Day (or Remembrance Day): Known as Remembrance Day by many other countries, this day is set aside to remember and thank our Armed Forces for their service to their country.
13-World Kindness Day: Try being a little more kinder than you usually are today.
14-Operating Room Nurse Day: Without them, the doctors would be in trouble – and so would the patient.
14-Universal Children’s Day: They are the future and to have one is a great gift. Be thankful.
15-America Recycles Day: I’ve got my aluminum cans saved up!
15-National Philanthropy Day: A good day for giving help to those in need.
16-International Day for Tolerance: Keep an open mind so that new opportunities can come your way.
17-World Peace Day: A good goal to have, don’t you think?
18-Mickey Mouse Day: Honoring the creation of the character back in 1928.
19-Equal Opportunity Day
19-International Men’s Day
20-Children’s Day
20-Transgender Day of Remembrance: A day to remember those lost during the transformation.
21-National Adoption Day: Don’t be afraid to give a child a new home.
21-World Hello Day: A day to promote world peace and say hello to people.
30-National Meth Awareness Day: A lot of lost teeth are owed to this vile substance.

Weekly Observances In November

• Game and Puzzle Week: Third week in November.

Monthly November Celebrations and Observances

• American Diabetes Month
• Aviation History Month
• Child Safety Protection Month
• International Drum Month
• National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month
• National Epilepsy Month
• National Model Railroad Month
• National Novel Writing Month
• Native American Heritage Month
• Peanut Butter Lovers Month

Questionable November Holidays

2-Plan Your Epitaph Day: How about a nice death quote to go on that gravestone?
2-Cookie Monster Day: My favorite character when I was young; my favorite cookie was – chocolate chip.
7-Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day: Oh, those clever candy companies.
8-Cook Something Bold Day: And smelly too.
9-Chaos Never Dies Day: Truer words have never been spoken.
10-Forget Me Not Day: A day to remember those that are special to you.
11-Freedom to Turkeys Day: Probably started by a turkey.
12-Chicken Soup for the Soul Day: I wonder who came up with this one.
13-National Indian Pudding Day: Definitely qualifies as a strange November holiday, doesn’t it?
14-Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day: A great day to play the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”
15-Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day: I wonder if my wife came up with this one?
16-Button Day: Button collectors absolutely love it!
17-Homemade Bread Day: Is there anything better than hot, fresh-baked bread with some butter and honey? Nope.
17-Take a Hike Day: A day that could be used for a couple of reasons: to admire the beauty of Mother Nature or to kick someone out of your home.
18-Occult Day: Many people think that the word is associated with evil when it is actually associated with the unknown.
19-Have a Bad Day Day: For people you don’t like?
20-Name Your PC Day: Mine’s name is Tuffy.
21-False Confession Day: I would not recommend celebrating this day with your local police department.
23-Eat a Cranberry Day: Only one?
23-National Cashew Day: The perfect time to be a bit of a nut.
25-National Parfait Day: Perfect for those who love ice cream.
28-Make Your Own Head Day: Very popular in art classes.
29-Square Dance Day: It’s always been a dream of mine to learn, you know?
30-Stay at Home Because You are Well Day: Another excuse to lay out of work!

Weird December Holidays

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