The Terminator part 1

Here we have Arnold who returns to the past from the future to save a young boy and his mother from a human looking murdering machine. The reason that Arnold needs to save the boy and his mother is to keep the human race from being wiped out. For some reason this boy is the one most important thing to Arnold to keep safe at all cost. While other people die off, Arnold battles a alien that sort of looks like molted silver when it leaves one human body and invades another. This movie comes in in 1st place as strange.

Minority Report

This is a Tom Cruise movie that involves time travel but does not a make a bit of since what so ever. The only thing that is for sure is that poor old tom is convicted for a murder that he has not committed yet. Seems like the whole town is full of psychics that can not really see any thing. Never the less tom is a lot of trouble and there seems to be no end to it. On a scale of weird this one comes in as number two.

The Sixth Sense

Here is a movie that borders on very weird time travel, because it is about a man that was murdered in the past, does not know he is dead and then returns to help a boy who can see dead people. all though this odd ball movie no one but the boy can see Bruce willis, not even his wife. Now it seems like the entire world is full of dead people that are reliving their past in the future and Bruce who is dead(?) can not even see the dead people. So is he dead, or is he trapped as a time traveler?

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Good old Harry Potter can do anything, right? No it seems he can not. This off the wall weird time travel movie has got to be mixed up. Harry has a necklace that is some how is a item that can transport him to the past. The plot is that he has to save himself and his grandfather from some evil dementors. But the problem is that he is scared that he will not have enough time to do so. Wait, how can you run out of time if you have a time travel machine?

The Wizard of OZ

A classic to say the least. But how strange that a tornado can whip a young girl out of her home and put her in a world of crazy mixed up human type animals a long with good and bad witches. The plot is cute, but does Dorothy really need to find red ruby shoes to make it home? Or does she need to help a totally mixed up world before she can go home? This is by far a weird time travel movie made just for very young children.