Welbilt bread machine - basic steps to bread baking

Using a bread machine to bake bread is extremely easy and fun. Once you have chosen a bread machine recipe or you try to convert one from a traditional one and have the ingredients prepared and carefully measured, all you need to do is to pour the ingredients in you bread machine and press a few bottoms. After two to three hours, you will have your freshly-made homemade bread. However, it may be difficult for those who was given or bought a Welbilt bread machine without a manual. This article is therefore here to tell you how you can make bread with your Wilbilt bread machine.

The order you should use the buttons is as follows:

Menu, Color, Loaf, Timer, Start/ Stop

MenuWelbilt bread machine - bread baking

For most Welbilt bread machines, you will have six baking cycle to choose from which are basic bread, whole wheat, specialty French, sweet quick bread and dough.You should the baking cycle according to the recipe you are using so the bread machine will be able to mix, knead and bake the ingredients according to the special needs of each type of bread.

Color of your crust

By pressing the color button, you are able to choose the crust color of your choice. You choose the crust color according to the bread type you are making. A Welbilt bread machine offers three choices of colors for your, namely light (L), medium (P) and Dark (H).

color, loaf, timer and start

Loaf size

As indicated on the recipe, you should understand that what kind of loaf size you are making. There is a loaf button letting you decide the size of your bread which is 1lb and 1.5lb. And for some models, you have an option of 2lb.



This function let you enjoy freshly-made bread as your breakfast in the morning. Same as the other buttons, you will hear a beep when pressing the timer button which allows you to bake the bread up to 13 hours later.

Start/ Stop

This is the button you press to start the bread making process. Once you have decided the bread type, the crust color, the loaf size and maybe the timer as well, you can press the start/ stop button to start the mixing, kneading and baking process.

After a few hours which depend on which bread type you have chosen, you are able to take out a loaf of delicious homemade bread from your Welbilt bread machine.

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