Welbilt bread machine: Clean and Care

Cleaning a Welbilt bread machine is similar to how you care for other food machines, it is important that you keep your Welbilt bread machine clean so you will be able to bake bread that are safe to eat.

Do not wash it when it is still hot

The rule of thumb is never wash the bread machine when it is still hot cause you will easily get hurt if you do so. You must let the bread machine to cool down and wash it later.

Do not immerse the bread machine in water

As you should have done with all electric appliances, you should never immerse your baking pan and chamber of your bread machine in water by which you may risk damaging your bread machine as well as causing short circuit when next use and leading to accidents. To be safe, you should never immerse your bread machine in water.

No scouring pads

Do not use scouring pad or abrasive cleaners

As both the baking pan and the kneading blade are coated with non-stick surface, you should never use scouring pad or abrasive cleaners to wash your Welbilt bread machine which may damage the coating.

Wipe your Welbilt bread machine with slightly damp cloth

Since you do not want any accidents to ha ppen, you would not be wiping you Welbilt bread machine with very damp cloth which would be similar to splashing you bread machine with water, making a chance for short-circuit to happen. Instead, you should use a slightly damp cloth to wipe the outer body and housing of the bread machine.

Take your baking pan and kneading blade out before cleaning

Since you will be using w ater to clean your baking pan and kneading blade, you should never clean them with water when they are still inside the chamber of bread machine. You must take them out before you are wiping them.

Do not wash the bread machine with dishwasher

You should not try to use a dishwasher to clean any parts of a Welbilt bread machine as it may damage the bread machine or scratch the non-stick surface.

Dry your Welbilt bread machine before storage

Before storing your bread machine, you should dry all parts of the bread machine with a dry cloth to ensure the machine is clean and waterless.

The above tips regarding how to clean and care for your Welbilt bread machine should be followed strictly when you wash your bread machine. Apart from cleaning your machine before and after baking, you should also store your bread machine properly so as to prolong the life span of your Welbilt bread machine.

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