Making bread at home has never been easier and more convenient until a bread machine is in the market while Welbilt bread machine is believed to be the first one to appear in the US market. The emergences of bread machines save us time and the fuss while letting us still have the opportunity to enjoy the fun and taste of homemade bread. Here is a list of tips when baking bread with Welbilt bread machine.


Do not utilize a delay-timer function with milk and eggs

For obvious reason, when you are making bread with ingredients that go stale easily, including eggs, milk and other dairy products, your products will be spoiled if the procedures are done a few hours later. So you should not use the delay-timer function when making bread with dairy products.

Follow the Order of ingredients

It always works best to put the yeast in first and the liquid last when making bread with Welbilt bread machine. As yeast plays an important role on making dough rise, it is vital to follow the order so the yeast will not be mixed with the liquid.

Add 2 extra tablespoons of water

If you are not making bread with those recipes from your Welbilt bread machine manual, you may consider to add more water to your mixture which could be two tablespoons but it requires experimenting on you own as the amount differs for different bread machine recipes. Your preference for bread texture also affects the extra water amount to be added.

Bring eggs to room temperature when baking with other liquid

By putting an egg in a bowl of warm water for five minutes, you can easily make the eggs change to room temperature. As eggs taken out from the refrigerator are cold, baking

them with other liquid may make them to cook.

Slices of bread

Let your Welbilt bread machine cool down before storage

You should wait until the bread machine cool down before storing it. On one hand,you may get hurt when transferring the bread machine to a cabinet. On the other hand, the machine cools down much faster in an open area.

Cut butter into small pieces

Instead of putting a large piece of butter on a bread pan, we should put a little effort to cut the butter into small pieces to increase the surface area for melting, facilitating the baking process.

Take the bread out once it is done

When the baking process is finished, you should take the bread out of the bread machine immediately to avoid sogginess. If you let the bread to stay in the machine, your bread will lose its fluffy texture. And if you forget your finished product and let it stay in the bread maker for a few days, you may risk having mold grown on the bread.

Allow bread to cool before wrapping

To prevent the bread from drying, we should wrap the bread with paper or plastic film. However, we should let the freshly baked bread cool down to room temperature before wrapping.

Better not to use the time-delayed function

Since making good tasting relies a lot on fresh ingredients, it is better not to use the time-delayed function so the ingredients are mixed, risen, kneaded and baked right away instead of having the process done a few hours later or so.

Wash the machine carefully after use

After you have taken out your bread out, you should clean the paddle, the pan and the house of the machine thoroughly after the bread machine has been cool down. But you should avoid cleaning the machine with any abrasive material to aviod scratching.

Following the tips above will undoubtedly help you bake better tasting bread with your Welbilt bread machine.

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