America Hungry!

As Americans, we strive to take in current ideas, build on them, and mass-market those ideas to the world! However, this industrialist mentality has led to some very unpopular business practices.
Though a leading business today, McDonald's has not had the best reviews in regards to insanely cheap food prices, poor dietary nutrition, and poor customer service.
Starbucks Coffee has been named overpriced and cumbersome with seemingly multiple locations in a very small radius.
But, we never do question why these companies are everywhere. It's because we really do want them everywhere for the convenience! We do it to ourselves and it is hard for any business to say no to a growing market. Naturally, America's thirst for fresh new trends will not stop at its vast borders, either.

Tim Hortons Coming Your Way

Tim Hortons LogoOne large chain that will potentially come to your neighborhood is that of Tim Hortons coffee and donut shops. Already worth more than 2.04 billion (CDN) in revenues as of 2008, it currently services the Canadian provinces with over 3,000 restaurants! Not surprising, Tim Hortons has continued to expanded rapidly into a fresh market just South of the border. Though still relatively rare, you may be able to find a Tim Hortons in several Northern states more specifically, New York, Ohio, Michigan, and Minnesota. If you happen upon such a gem, you will find delicious donuts, excellent coffee, and filling sandwiches. The customer service is friendly and relatively prompt. Except for in large tourist areas, the atmosphere is quiet and enjoyable. The price for your meal is fairly reasonable and you'll leave feeling content that you've had an all-around great experience!

Great experiences at chain restaurants are rare. Fast food is disturbing, but serves the purpose of a fast remedy to hunger. The cleaner the restaurant is, the more one feels better about eating the food. Tim Hortons coffee and donut shops should continue to honor it's mission statement and goals to be the quality leader in everything they do no matter how far South they expand into American culture.
Welcome to America, Tim Hortons!