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It's a great city!


You can only find people who know English in the central part of the city.

Full Review

Cologne (or Koln, in German) is on the fourth place in the top cities in Germany, regarding the number of inhabitants. Just Berlin, the capital city, Hamburg and Munich are larger than Cologne. Tourists flock all throughout the year in this splendid metropolis in western Germany to discover the numerous attractions it has to offer.

The first thing travelers go to see when arriving in Cologne is very often the Dome, or, in other words, the Koln Dom. You are able to observe the great spherical stone roof when you exit the main station (the front exit, that is. If you get out from the back, you aren't going to see it, duuh!) You can't tour this beautiful cathedral during the period in which Mass is taking place, however, if you are unlucky enough to arrive at that hour, don't be hasty, because it's not going to take very long till they let you in. You are allowed to visit the Dom free of charge, however some areas of the cathedral can only be visited if you buy a ticket. I advise you get a combined access ticket that will allow you to see the tower and the treasury for the price of 5 EUR (or 2.50 if you get a discount). It's really interesting to go up the great tower (509 stairs – an hour's climb will do your body well). From the top side you will see Cologne in its entire brilliance.

The Synagogue of Cologne (die Kolner Synagoge) is a very spectacular edifice, ergo if you travel to this city don't miss the opportunity to see it. It's just great. It is the second synagogue to have ever been visited by a catholic pope.

Then don't forget about the Vedeel – the medieval part of the town. Entire historical quarters that still look as they did in the 18th century. Of course, the inhabitants of this area of the city are as modern as you and me, they have cars and all, but fact is the houses and the roadways seem older than Oprah! You have to go to the North City Gate, which is a very impressive historical monument. After you see that, take a break and get a coup of tea at the well known Café Schmitz – you won't be disappointed. The finest coffee and breakfast in the whole city, I assure you.

Throughout Cologne you will be able to see and admire the 12 Romanesque Churches, if you are interested. Brilliant architecture, nice decorations and columns, not to mention the fact that each one has an interesting story to tell.

The two park areas are in effect huge circles around the old town, and around the modern city, respectively. These were made after the first World War as a means of relaxation for the "stressed out" locals who had just got out of the war, defeated.

If you are an art gallery chaser, you've got much to see in this great town, as museums and galleries are quite numerous in this wonderful city. A short enumeration includes The Ludwig Museum (modern art), Museum fur Angewandte Kunst, the Wallraf Richartz Museum (art gallery containing medieval to 19th century art), the Kolumba (you need to see it to be able to describe it), and much more.

And that's not everything. I'll let you discover the rest for yourselves. Now get to Cologne and have fun!

In Closing

When you do go there and visit, make sure you sleep in style at the best hotel in Cologne.