The point of Pinterest as a social media platform is to get images and “pin” or “repin” these images to a virtual bulletin board. Items chosen can be nearly anything that you like as chosen from around the web and the site. There are some users that have business boards while others focus more on the personal side of social media.  Additionally, there are users that use Pinterest for content marketing services.


Accounts with Pinterest begin as invite only. However, to get an invite simply check the site’s home page and send a request to become a member. After several days you will receive your invite in your inbox. Members of Pinterest can also invite their friends to join. Therefore, if you already know a member of Pinterest and would like to join, ask them to send you an invite. This is probably the easiest way to join Pinterest.

User name and profile

Decide on a user name and complete your profile before building in your Pinterest boards. A lot of people don’t necessarily build their social media site information in this same order. However, if you are going to pin for marketing or business purposes it is important to do it in this order. Wouldn’t you like someone interested in your marketing services or business to know who you are? If you wait a couple of days or weeks in between building your profile you can lose clients that you may otherwise have. Build your name and profile first. Tweak them later if needed. A URL to your website can be added to your Pinterest profile information.

Twitter and Facebook

There are a couple of things to know about setting up your Pinterest account profile. If you set up the account using Twitter or Facebook the profile pic from these sites is used for your Pinterest account. If you don’t want the same profile pic as your Twitter or Facebook account don’t use these to sign up for Pinterest.

Pinterest Boards

Pinterest does begin your account with boards that have been auto created such as Books that I Like. Though, you can edit these or set up some of your own. Creation of new boards is not a chore. These are easy and simple to create.

Members generally recommend starting “pinning” at the social media site by using other members “pins”. Use these to repin and add to your own boards. You can also “like” and comment on board pics others have posted to their accounts.

A pin it bookmarklet is added to your web browser to let pinning while you surf the web. After you find what you want to pin click on it. The booklet will pull images it sees on a page and let you choose which image you would like to pin.

Follow and be followed

Pinterest members can follow and be followed around the social media image sharing site. For members using Twitter or Facebook, Pinterest will let you know which of your friends belong to both and present you with members that you are not following yet on Pinterest.

In conclusion

By joining Pinterest in the early stages there is an advantage to making friends and meeting new members. Most members will look at your boards since there is not a lot of members on the site just yet.

This is a new site and there is no way to really tell where it will eventually wind up. In the meantime check it out. Find out if this is a social media platform that can benefit you in your business, marketing or personal life for a number of reasons.