An excellent water park


It is found in the remote city of Stralsund

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Water parks are very useful, above all for cities such as Stralsund, which are situated to the upper part of the European continent and , as a result, have a colder climate, being used to lower average temperatures and more precipitation than, say, cities in Italy or Greece. Stralsund is a small city in the North-East of Germany, a stone's throw from Sweden.

This is a Hanseatic district capital (this is because it was ruled by the Hanseatic League for centuries, and this left a powerful imprint on Stralsund's growth, but also for building styles and, obviously, way of life). If you didn't know, the Hanseatic League was a coalition of traders that managed a trade monopoly five hundred years in a row, which means, sure enough, that they have influenced lots of towns in lots of ways. This legacy can be observed in Stralsund when you notice the unusual way the old houses are constructed, and what's more, the brick churches are built with their own characteristic architecture. Besides these magnificent houses, in Stralsund you will see some nice museums, like the German Museum of Oceanography and the Museum of History of Culture, plus a few inviting galleries, like the Winter Garden Gallery.

The Stralsund Water Park puts the cherry on top of the cake, figuratively speaking. It's a really well designed amusement park, with a myriad of themes and activities to please even the pickiest visitors. The Water Park is made up of several zones, based on their function:

The Water Paradise (aka Fun Zone) has slides, whirlpool landscapes, nice decors, an outdoor thermal pool, an entire park, a covered pool (with 6 swimming lanes) and everything else you need. Besides, you are able to learn at the swimming courses and water gymnastics courses. Palm trees encircle small pools that help you loosen up and even sip a cocktail, if you choose to. At the whirlpools you surely feel like you are in a tropical forest, if it weren't for the comfort you will get. The place is incredible, itgives you anything you require to enjoy a relaxing Saturday: you can play sports like badminton, beach volley and tennis, and you can even go there for a barbecue. There also is a playground for the children, with cool swings, slides and other features.

The World of Wellness is one other great area, because it presents tons of interesting activities: the Arabic Nights Landscape is a place full of lights, sounds and fragrances that is meant for relaxation. Massages, saunas, and the Beauty Mare are just some of the wonderful things inviting you to go at the Stralsund Water Park.

Then, the fitness center and the health center are subdivisions of the Water Park that you should take into consideration, as they are modern and equipped and have very well prepared personnel. You will feel as good as new after you sweat a little in the gym(with coach supervising, obviously), or after you take the prophylactic classes at the pool in the Health Center. Eating at one of the many restaurants at the Water Park is always a delightful gastronomic adventure. The dishes are very good and the service is flawless.

Thus, if you eventually travel to Stralsund and need to unwind, don't hesitate to go to this place and see for yourself the wonders of the Stralsund Water Park!

In Closing

The Hansedom Water Park is truly an amazing place, a jewel of the city of Stralsund.