Welcoming Guest Room Ideas

Welcoming Guest Room Ideas

When guests are coming to visit for an overnight stay or longer we want them to feel welcome with all the comforts of their own home. Creating a welcoming guest room isn't difficult when you take a little time and effort to plan it out.

If you have an unused room or space in your home and can convert it to a suitable guest room, your guests will feel welcome and not like they're burdening you with a visit.

Even if you use the guest room for crafts, ironing or other ways when guests are not visiting, it's easy enough to put your own personal items out of the way and make the space seem like it's just been waiting for your friends to show up!

Welcoming Guest Room Ideas – The Bed

The most important part of the guest room is always the bed. Our guests need a comfortable place to sleep with a bed that won't keep them up all night, tossing and turning or even causing back pain.

Test the guest room bed for yourself. Lay down on it for at least 5-10 minutes to decide if it's too hard, too soft or just right.

If the guest bed is too soft, find a piece of plywood to place underneath the box springs or wooden slats instead. Flip the mattress if it hasn't been turned over frequently enough. You may also need a piece of plywood between the mattress and box springs if the bed is super soft.

If the guest bed is too hard, add a soft mattress pad and soft sheets such as jersey or flannel to soften it.

Make the guest room bed using the softest, highest quality of thread count sheets possible that feel luxurious to lie on. Try it out when you're done to make sure it's comfortable for your guests.

Add a lightweight blanket and beautiful bedspread or comforter that could double as a blanket for cooler nights.

Add different types of pillows that guests can use under the neck, between legs and under the head that offer options in softness or hardness. Guests may all have different preferences in the type of pillow they prefer and having several options for them to choose from will provide a welcoming guest room for your friends. Place pillows on the bed and keep the extra ones in the guest room closet or chest in the room or hall linen closet.

Welcoming Guest Room Ideas – Bathing

Adding a basket to the guest room that contains several items for bathing or showering is a nice gesture that shows you enjoy having guests stay over and they're not an inconvenience.

Use a large bucket, basket, large tote or other container that coordinates with the room and add a shower gel, luxurious body lotion, bath sponge, loofah sponge, pumice stone, a package of combs and brushes, shampoo and conditioner. Guests may forget their personal care items and having them on hand will prevent your guests from having to run out to the store.

Keep soft, fluffy and luxurious washcloths, hand towels and bath towels for the guests only and store them in the room or in a linen closet near the bathroom so that guests have easy access to several types of towels that could need.

Your guests will feel pampered with all the little extra that you provide and they may need time away from home and you're helping them get away from it all – they're really appreciate your efforts.

Welcoming Guest Room Ideas – Relaxation

Adding several items to the guest room that allow time for relaxation is a thoughtful gesture that your guests will truly appreciate.

Besides a comfortable bed, add a small reading area in a corner of the guest room. Outfit a small table near a very comfortable chair with a quality reading lamp, a selection of books by your favorite authors and a few magazines.

If space is limited, a small luggage rack can be used as the side table with a snack tray on top and both items can serve a double purpose for the guests.

Add a box of chocolates, mints or hard candies or a bowl of fresh fruit for your guest to relax and enjoy a little snack.

Provide a small serving tray on the bed and include a teapot, a variety of tea bags, coffee or tea cup, a pair of reading glasses so that your guest will know they are welcome to relax at your home.

Place a throw over the back of the reading chair for your guest to use to get cozy reading or if the room has a chill.

Welcoming Guest Room Ideas – Personalize It

Personalize the guest room for each guest that is coming for a visit to help them feel welcome and not a burden to you. You may have a photo of you and your friend and can showcase it in a nice frame.

Knowing your guest will allow you to personalize the room with their favorite book or magazine or by adding other items that they would like such as chocolate or a new pair of slippers.

Keep the closet and drawers clean to allow a place for your guests to keep their clothing instead of the suitcase.

Welcoming Guest Room Ideas – Keep it Clean

Once your guest room is all organized, cozy and ready for guests give it a thorough cleaning from top to bottom.

Wash the windows and window treatments. Clean all fans and wipe down the walls. Shampoo the carpet and keep it vacuumed to prevent dust.

Wipe and polish all the glass, wood and surfaces.

Close the door to the guest room and keep it clean until guests arrive.

By setting up a welcoming guest room and keeping it clean, you should only need to run the vacuum cleaner and put out all the fresh items when it's time to entertain the guests. Your guests will look forward to future visits with you knowing that you create a personal haven similar to a bed and breakfast escape for them and they'll love it!

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