Do you remember your first day on the job? You didn't know anyone and you probably felt a little out of place. So why would you want a new employee of yours to feel that same way?

Taking the time to welcome new employees will make them feel as if they are a part of the company. It will help get them off on the right foot and make them better employees.

Take them around and introduce them to the people they will be working with. Or better yet, have a small gathering and have donuts or pizza so that everyone can get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone could stand up and state their name, department and how long they have worked with the company. And don't forget to introduce your new employee to all their new co-workers.

Why not do a "Welcome to your new company" letter or packet or both. The letter can welcome your new employee and have everyone sign it so the new employee feels welcomed by everyone. The packet can have some simple information in it. The employee guidebook, if there is one, that lets them know about the pay periods, vacations, insurance and/or 401K information, employee recognition programs, the company policies, etc. can be very helpful to a new employee. Have a list of people they can go to if they have any questions. If this is an office building, maybe a map that shows them where things are would also be helpful.

Another great item to include in a welcome packet is something just for them. A pen with their name on it, or a notebook for taking notes while they are learning the job. A coffee mug with their name or something else that is personalized can make your new employee feel welcomed and ready to get to work.

If they are from out of town, or not familiar with the area, give them a list with directions of restaurants, stores, schools, libraries, etc. Give them whatever information you think would be helpful to them.