In the U.S. alone Men spend close to four billion dollars a year on grooming products. But even so, many men are clueless to how to improve their looks.

Things You Will Need

There is no doubt that Ladies would not be seen dead looking scruffy or unattractive to the opposite sex yet so many men do, and not because they consciously want to be that way. As long as they are clean and feel good, most guys are quite happy to wear clothes that are comfortable rather than stylish, which is just fine if they are comfortable with that. But in today's World there are so many products and methods men can use to enable them to feel and look better, with truck loads of ways of looking cool without having to wear a suit.

Here are seven ways Men can look better, feel better, and turn heads when walking into a room;

Ears Nose and Nails Improve facial looks by removing hair from your ears, and nasal hair. An area most men do not give attention to is their finger nails. Make sure they are trimmed with clippers (don't bite them!) and clean. Same goes for toe nails –keep them short and tidy.

Head Chin and body hair By nature, many guys are hairy in many places on their body, and this can be the biggest turn-off to most women. Have a new hairstyle, and be sure to splash out on a talented hair stylist that can help chose a style that will bring out the best in your new grooming. You don't want to remove chest hair (many women like this feature) but you could seek advice on removing hair from your shoulders and hands if you feel you are too close to looking like a bear. If you sport a beard then consider a new style; if you are balding then go for a short hair or completely bald look. If you are turning grey there is always hair colour touch –ups from a good hairdresser that can give you that distinguished look.

Skin, teeth, Breath Rough/red skin needs to be nourished with a good vitamin skin crème. There are lots of good products for men to improve skin health. Cleaning your teeth will of course improve their looks and improve your breath, but if your teeth are in need of attention you should visit a dentist and discuss the best way forward for you.

Body Odour This is probably Man's worst enemy and there are ways to help reduce this problem besides soaking yourself in aftershave or anti-perspirant deodorant. Drink plenty of water to help irrigate the toxins from your system. Recommended daily intake is six imperial pints, or around that mark. Besides this useful little tip you should avoid eating foods like strong pickle, onions, chilli, cabbage, leeks, and other vegetables that induce strong odour in men.

Health and fitness It matters not how old you are when it comes to keeping healthy and active. If you wish to improve your looks and feel confident you need to do something about your body shape. Being overweight is the first thing to tackle. Seek out a sensible routine (talk to a registered trainer or your doctor) to eat properly and keep in shape with daily exercise. This is really important because an older male cannot expect to keep up with a routine for a young male.

Manners and etiquette Most guys are cool, but if you feel you 'talk too much' or have a habit of butting in or some other stuff like that, then seek out a little help by attending etiquette classes. You can look one up in your area by doing an online search.

Clothing 'Clothes maketh the Man' is an age old saying and absolutely true. Which guy is more attractive to a woman? The one with scruffy clothes or the guy that is clean and well dressed? Throughout time humans have had one long fashion parade. Unless you are a castaway on an unknown PacificIsland fashion designers have dictated what we wear on this Planet. For men it has been a suit over the last hundred years or more, and thankfully nowadays the dress code is becoming less formal. Men can look good in casual clothing too, and it is a matter of choosing carefully the right clothing outfits to suit the guy in question. Tall men don't necessarily look good in clothes that suit small men and so on. If a guy has a huge beer belly he is sure as heck not going to look good in anything! So choosing the right clothing to suit the individual man is essential, and a second opinion is always good to have at hand when a gut goes to buy new duds for himself.

Finer points on how men can make themselves more attractive to women

Improve your skin tone with the right products for men

Improve your hair style even if you are balding

Rid yourself of body odour for good

Rid yourself of unwanted nasal hair

Have sparkling white teeth and pleasant breath

What women want to see in men; change your appearance and boost your confidence for good

Wear clothes that look good on your figure

Keep in shape

Smell good! Use a good quality aftershave lotion that is not overpowering. Show your Lady that you have good manners and treat her to little surprises such as a special gift of flower(s) a trinket, trip somewhere really nice, being fussed over at a dinner for two with the violinist or guitarist at your table to play her favourite piece of music. Be interesting when you hold a conversation with her and don't hog it with 'all about me me me' talk all the time. If you are interested in making yourself sexy and attractive you can do it! Follow the advice above and do some research in your own area on adding to these tips.

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