Did you take out a home loan and are having trouble paying it off? There are a lot of people that start to fall behind on their loan payments and the day comes when they get a foreclosure notice from their banker. If you took out your loan from a Wells Fargo bank, you are going to need to know what to expect to help avoid Wells Fargo foreclosure. You should also know that this bank does not foreclose on your home unless you do not get your payments in to them on time.

What should you do when you get a foreclosure letter or phone call from Wells Fargo telling you that they are going to take away your house? The first thing that you should do is get in contact with one of their representatives. Most people that have to watch their homes get foreclosed by Wells Fargo usually do not use good communication with their bank. If you hope to get yourself out of a Wells Fargo foreclosure, it is imperative that you call them up and talk to them so that you can fix your troubles.

In order to get in contact with a Wells Fargo agent, there are several different numbers that you can call. If you are trying to get in touch with their main financial services, then you can call the number: (800)-275-9254. If you are looking for help or assistance with preventing foreclosure on a home equity loan, then you are going to need to call the number: (800)-944-4601. For the people that have taken out an adjustable rate mortgage with Wells Fargo, you should call this number to get help: (866)-398-7556. Finally, for all other general mortgage and foreclosure questions, you should call: (800)-678-7986. These numbers will help to get you on the right track and will get you in touch with a person that will be able to help you out.

There are some things that you should keep in mind before you dial one of these numbers though. The first thing is that you are not going to want to be on the phone for a long time, so have a set of straightforward questions that you can ask them. Keep yourself organized and have the number of your loan ready and be able to describe your current mortgage problems that you are dealing with. They will be able to explain your current options for preventing a foreclosure from going through and what you steps you should take at the moment.

Usually, just by giving them a call and getting in touch, you will be able to postpone any foreclosure on your property. When you talk to an agent about the process of a Wells Fargo foreclosure, they are usually going to tell you that you will need to get them the exact amount of money that they are going to need if you want to keep your home. They may also explain your options for refinancing your home loan or getting what is called a "modification." If you are a person that has had to deal with a hardship, you may want to read over a sample hardship letter and write one to Wells Fargo in order to stop any foreclosure process from happening.

The best way to stop a Wells Fargo foreclosure from happening is to make phone calls to them and discuss your loan. People that talk and do some negotiating on the phone will have a lot better luck at being able to stop foreclosure than someone who doesn't try. You will find out that Wells Fargo has a great staff to work with and as long as you are serious about stopping foreclosures, they will be willing to help out.

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