Wellies are not just for wearing

you can throw them too

Welly wanging is a sport open to all entrants, whether you are a man or a woman , old or young, even if you have never even thrown a wellington boot  before, it does not matter as the sport of welly wanging does not discriminate and is really just about throwing a rubber or plastic piece of footwear called a wellington boot/welly as far as you can but have fun doing it. If you are able to throw a Wellington boot you can enter a welly wanging competition. How you throw the boot and what part of your body you choose to use is your own choice.

How did this sport begin? Folklore tells that a long time ago a pint of Tetley’s Bitter was spilt into a welly and that was the initial spark of inspiration for the noble art of welly wanging.

Just as the Olympics originated in ancient Greece , the Yorkshire village of Upperthong is the spiritual home of the World Welly Wanging Championships . The event is held annually in the village and attracts contenstants and spectators from around the country and even further afield. Due to the highly competitive nature of the sport and the prizes and fame to be won there is now a governing body for the sport to uphold the good reputation of the game and to ensure the noble art of welly wanging has a future as a highly competitive and regulated sport.

The rules of the sport state that there are four categories for competitors to enter, the Men’s event, the Women’s event and the under 14’s events divided again by sex into the boy’s and girl’s events.

Good humour, fair play and politeness are central to the sport and no tampering of a welly is allowed to ensure no one has an unfair advantage when throwing their wellies, the use of silicone polish is not allowed.

A famous exponent of welly throwing is Douglas Adams, the author of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.In his honour the maximum run up allowed for anyone competing in the event is 42 paces. An apprioprate number as this is the same number that is the answer Deep thought calculated as the ultimate answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe and Everything. As an eccentric English event all distances are measured in Imperial measurements, good old fashioned yards, feet and inches.