The big 3

When people think of fast food these are the three heavyweights (no pun intended) in this area. Everyone has a favorite and this article is going to be largely subjective, but this is intended vote on which one of the three restaurants is best in different categories. So which one will come out on top? Let's jump right in and find out.


It's hard to pick a winner in this specific category because McDonalds, Wendy's, and Burger King have different tastes and cater to different audiences. All 3 restaurants have fantastic menus and a great variety of foods to choose from so no matter which place youBurger King TasteCredit: Wikimedia Commons choose to eat you won't be disappointed. However after having eaten at all three of these restaurants for a long time I can say that Burger King has the tastiest selection of food choices. They are innovative in having a wide range of things to choose from, such as new turkey burgers and chipotle flavored chicken sandwiches and burgers. They flame broil their burgers and the taste is fantastic, where I found McDonalds and Wendy's more lacking in overall taste enjoyment.

Winner: Burger King

Customer service

I've been to McDonalds, Wendy's, and Burger King all over the world and I've encountered very interesting people. Even though there are bound to be bad eggs in certain stores and I can't weight that intoWendy's EmployeeCredit: the mix, I do see overall a general feeling of customer service in each restaurant and I can easily say that Wendy's wins this one by far. I'm certainly not saying that McDonalds and Burger King employees aren't nice or friendly, just that every time I go to Wendy's the employees there are much more fun to talk to. I find myself having an easier time talking to them and joking around with them, and this isn't specific to one area either. So while all three restaurants probably have fantastic employees over the globe, my general feel is that Wendy's employees are the most enjoyable to deal with on a consistent basis.

Winner: Wendy's

Speed and efficiency

This category is certainly important to a lot of people because the longer we have to wait for our food the more impatient we get. I don't mind waiting but I notice that people get impatient very quickly when waiting for their meals to be prepareWaiting for foodCredit: Wikimedia Commonsd. I take notice of these things over the years and I've noticed that all three places are generally pretty quick in my experience. But since I have to choose one I would say that overall McDonalds has come out on top in this category. I consistently have my food come quickly at McDonalds and I'm generally sitting down and eating faster than Burger King or Wendy's. I still believe that all three restaurants are great, but McDonalds wins on this one from overall experience.

Winner: McDonalds


When it comes to driving all over the country, there is something satisfying about having been on the road for so long and getting into town to get a quick biteMcDonalds LocationsCredit: to eat. However not every town has a McDonalds, Wendy's, or Burger King in them so you have to take whatever there is to offer. Generally speaking when I'm on the road there isn't a town that doesn't have one of these restaurants, but overall I find that most towns will have a McDonalds so if I'm looking for something quick to eat I can prepare my taste buds for a nice trip to McDonalds. They have more locations out there than the other two so by default McDonalds takes the trophy for this category, though the other two have come far over the years to expand their presence.

Winner: McDonalds


It's important for pretty much everyone when going into a fast food joint Burger King StoreCredit: http://www.morguefile.comto have a place that isn't disgusting. The category includes both the main eating area and the bathrooms. Most of the time the restaurant I go to is generally clean and timing could just be poor sometimes if a person made a mess before I walked in, but generally speaking Burger King has shown to be the most clean of the three for the times I've taken my business there. The bathrooms are quickly cleaned if there was an...ahem...accident in there and the lobby eating area is well taken care of if a mess is made.

Winner: Burger King


I really can't choose a victor because all three places are fantastic and I love them for their great variety of food choices, but going by the 5 categories here Burger King and McDonalds are tied. However Wendy's is certainly not out of the picture, in fact Wendy's is my favorite place to go when I want a salad because their Baja salad is out of this world. Going strictly by how this worked out though, Burger King and McDonalds tied in 1st.