Sydney's tranquil waterfront living

How a former industrial wasteland's now become a sparkling waterfront community

For sometime now I've studied a bit about Sydney's waterfront suburbs to help me decide on where to invest.

After scounting the whole of Parramatta River's waterfront precinct, I narrowed my choice down to Wentworth Point (formerly known as Homebush Bay) which is the waterfront suburb within Sydney's Olympic Park.


Overlooking the Promenade from Mariner's Cove


The positives?

It's a tranquil community right at the heart of Inner-west Sydney without making you feel you live in an urban jungle.

Situated roughly 4 km north of Lidcombe off the M4 Motorway, you wouldn't really think there's much here considering your surrounded by protected parkland until you suddenly reach a brightly lit community dominated by apartment complexes, a few commercial buildings and more apartment complexes currently under construction.

The area's family-friendly with facilities for kids, local shops including a hair-dresser, child-care centre, a drycleaner, a couple of decent restaurants and cafes and most condos come equipped with resident-only communal pools, gyms and libraries. 

Feel like a swim in an Olympic-size pool? The Aquatic Centre's just 3 km away. If archery's what you fancy then The Archery Centre's right next door. Fancy a run in the middle of a forest? The spectacular bay-run and the paths along Bennelong Pwy are where you should be.

If you're considering living here - it's not cheap but it aint frightfully expensive either. You could buy a 2 b/r unit in the low $500k's with parking. Council rates and strate levies are reasonable and the place is clean, beautiful and reasonably distanced from most urban centres including Parramatta and Sydney's CBD. You have the option of taking a bus to Burwood or the ferry to Darling Harbour and Circular Quay. The closest train-station's at Sydney Olympic Park but is around 3 kms away - a lot more distant as compared to the ferry-wharf and the bus.


The drawbacks?

For starters the local shops don't open sundays andmwhen it comes to grocery-shopping at your local supermarket, the nearest one's is at Rhodes (5 km away) or Newington (3 km away) depending on whether you prefer Coles or Woolworths.

Secondly, you NEED a car to live here as there's no other way you can commute to most points of interests and convinience. Yes there's public transport like I mentioned earlier, but the bus doesn't operate past 7:30 PM on weekdays and despite the connection with the ferry and the train, both are a fair walk away (and the train's not an option past sunset as the area does get pretty dark).



It is possible that the drawbacks would slowly be culled as the area further develops - the grand plan being that a state of the art marina would be built here and a footbridge built to connect Rhodes. Despite the disadvantages is a wonderful place to be in and would be a solid investment before prices inflate (which they usually do for most waterfront localities).



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