How my daughter and I are learning to play the guitar

I've always been interested in playing the guitar but never stuck to it.   I don't really know why but I suspect three reasons; motivation, learning system and most of all a decent guitar.    I am now "older", settled down and a bit more self-motivated and I found, ripe for learning guitar.   This past Christmas my father-in-law, who has been playing guitar all his life, purchased a new and very impressive 12 string guitar.  Although I hadn't taken up the guitar reins yet, I started to feel the warm fuzzy of wanting to learn.  Then around the end of January what should show up on my doorstep, but his old 12 string, a 1968 EKO.   I strummed it once and that was enough, I wanted to learn!  This was my first revaluation as to why I had not learned in the past. 

I forgot to mention earlier in the article one item, I did already have a 6 string acoustic guitar.   The 6 string sounded muted, was very difficult to play and basically turned me off from learning.  With that said, having a decent beginner guitar in the $200-400 range will make a huge difference in not only sound but playability.  The basic things to look for in a beginner guitar are action, intonation, sound quality and most of all reviews.   The action which is the open distance between the frets and the stings will make a big difference in how far you have to push the string down to create the note.   Thusly, the lower the action the easier it is to get a clean note and the less your fingers will hurt.  Then again no matter what the action is, your fingers will hurt in the beginning.  The intonation is the “pitch accuracy” of the guitar, the note precision and if you get a cheap guitar you might find yourself having to constantly tune your guitar.  

With my new "old" 12 sting in hand I decided to take up the guitar.   I started searching on the web and well let’s just say that guitar lessons have not only become readily available but free too!  I began to check out lesson videos, learn guitar guides, download chord pdfs and read up on reviews of learning guitar systems.   I was surprised that after watching a few "how to" play this and that song videos, that I was able to actually play a little bit of them.   However that was not enough.   I needed to find a "real" online learning guitar system.  If you do a quick search, you will find there is a ton!   You'll also find that testing and trying to find the one that fits you and your needs can be daunting.    But most of the good ones offer trials, "free" lessons, and you can easily find reviews about them.   So, after many days of sifting the Internet, I came across a learning system that not only fit my needs but fit my 10 year old daughter's needs too.    It is called "Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar".  After I looked up some reviews, tried some free lessons, and checked out the forum, I found it fit me just right.  I purchased it and began to learn.

As I started to get into learning and playing, many hours each night, my 10 year old daughter started hanging out and listening.  She has always loved music, especially singing and dancing.  So, I found some simple songs and I played and she sang.   She started asking me how I played the songs and I began to show her.   Once she was actually able to both play and sing, that was it, she was hooked too!   I can tell you this, I know I was motivated to learn, but when my daughter decided she wanted to learn with me, that sealed the deal.   Leaning to play guitar with my daughter is and will be one of the best experiences in my life and I look forward to each and every lesson!