Was your Credit Card effected after the now famous Sony Network Hack?

"Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!"

Now that 3 of the involved criminals were caught in Spain,[75] I'm curious to figure out if they stole any money or not. For a long while after I heard about this and witnessed my very own PS3 not connecting to the internet or network for some time, I figured it was just a publicity stunt brought on by the fact that many people started to use custom firmware or cfw on their ps3's. But Spanish police have proven me wrong. These hackers used a higly secured Amazon server in Canada to hack a Japanese company's database of credit card holders, mainly North Americans, and were arrested in Spain...where do they go to jail? Even though all of this seems like one giant inside job Sony says they had nothing to do with it....Even though the day after they fired a lot of employees from their online department. Anyway that's besides the point, my question is were any of you effected by it? Did any money go missing? I'm curious to know how much money these guys actually stole, if any.

Doing some really simple math it is rather amazing how much money they could have made rather quickly. There are around 23 million ps3 units in the world and 50% of active units are used online that would leave about 11.5 million units that are online now. If the user ratio of online units to non-online units is half of that we have 5.75 million units. Now if half of those are used to buy games online you have 2.875 million units. Now if you had the ability to take a dollar out of each one of those 2.875 million units you would have $2,875,000. That's a lot of cash and who says that that's even the amount they were taking out of people's credit! Imagine if they took out $10 from each account....THATS $28,750,000 IN ONE DAY! THAT'S INSANE!

Now me personally, nothing came up missing from my bank account(I use my bank card to buy games online) and I'm not really worried that anything is going to. But are you one of the unlucky ones that were effected? are you now a victim of cyber-crime because Sony can't appropriately monitor their system database during a black out?