Weslo Inversion Table

Do Inversion Tables Really Work?

Weslo inversion tables, often used to either increase functional fitness or to reduce back pain with inversion therapy, are known for their inexpensive price tag.  Most skeptics of inversion therapy want to try it out without investing hundreds of dollars into a high end device such as a Teeter inversion table.  Despite the the relatively inexpensive price, Welso gravity inversion tables get rave reviews from their customers who experience tremendous benefits from using the product.  The biggest question on most people’s minds is first, does inversion therapy work? And second, how do inversion tables work?

First and foremost, there is a great amount of research that suggests the benefits of inversion tables.  While they are not officially recommended by any official agencies as a cure all method of relief from back and joint pain, they are widely recommended by sports nutritionists, physical therapists, and chiropractors.  With an entire life’s worth of spinal compression from active movement and gravity, the strain and tension Weslo inversion tables relieve is enough anecdotal evidence to at least give a cheap inversion table a try.  

How Inversion Tables Work:

Weslo nversion tables work by decreasing the pressure that naturally accumulates from standing upright with the force of gravity pushing down on your joints and spine.  As you begin to lean backwards hung upside down by your ankles you increase the space between each of your vertebrae.  The nerve roots of your spine exit from these spaces, whose size are determined by the width of your discs.  When you use a back inversion table, you immediately feel relief as you decrease the pressure on your nerves, and actually help prevent pain in the future as blood and fluid enters the discs, hydrating and inflating them temporarily back to a more natural size.  

Weslo Inversion Table Benefits:

Back inversion tables are not just a great source of back pain relief.  They also have a number of health benefits for those looking to add strength, flexibility, and circulation to their fitness goals.  

Circulation - After a workout, getting maximum blood flow to your muscles is crucial for a successful recovery.  Using a gravity inversion table can be a great way to reduce blood pressure, and increase circulation because you are able to easily and comfortably raise your legs over your heart.  This reduces the amount of work necessary to circulate the body, increasing blood flow.  (Note:  Lying for extended periods in a near upside down vertical position can actually increase your blood pressure.  Consult your doctor if you have heart issues, or high blood pressure before using a back inversion table.)

Flexibility - By doing your post workout stretches in an inverted position, you can increase your muscle extension limits.  Because you are already stretching muscle and joint ligaments past their normal stretching points, actively stretching while inverted goes beyond anything you can achieve while upright.  

Features of Weslo Inversion Tables:

Weslo Inversion Flex System - The most popular weslo inversion table in the Inversion Flex System.  It is an inexpensive starter table with features normally found on higher end tables such as adjustable height settings, nylon padded bench, and large padded assist grips to help keep you safe and stabilized while inverted.  The ankle pads are heavy and thick for a comfortable inversion.  If you’d like it even has the capability for a “total inversion” by removing the safety tether- an option not available on many cheap inversion tables.  Package it with an arched back stretching pillow (sold separately) and you can comfortably relieve back pain and joint pressure.  The best part of inversion tables is that they are completely adjustable to your comfort level.  If full inversion is too intense, a simple 10-15 degree decline can be extremely relaxing.