If you are into neat art, the West Street Sculpture Park in Galena Illinois is definitely a place worth checking out.  The artist, John Martinson is from Minnesota and was born in 1948.  His art park lays on two acres where his imagination can go wild and he can create things that he dreams of.  Most of his art work is done with pieces of metal and welding them together.


 There has been some controversy that the artist's art is actually junk, but many people beg to differ.  It is beautiful and unique in many ways.  He takes a lot of time into his art and creating the most perfect masterpieces.

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St. Michael Church, 227 S Bench St, Galena, IL 61036, USA

There are many paths including a secret path and a bridge that will take you around his sculptures.  See if you can find all the different paths that lead from one art piece to another.  One of the favorite sculptures are from September 2001 named "9-11-01.  It is metal planes crashing into a big metal round ball.  This was obviously art that was intended to be made because of the September 11th tragedy.  It is very well done with a lot of detail put into it.  There are even some sculptures that are over 40 feet tall.


Many of the sculptures were beginning to rust as they were obviously there for quite some time.  The rust didn't matter as the sculptures were still just as beautiful to the people.  You can check out his workshop through the windows if you desire.  If John Martinson is available he will even give you a tour and fill you in on some of the history of the park including when and why he started.  He only attended art school in Madison Wisconsin for two years, but that definitely gave him a push at his artistic side.


The newest sculpture made at this park is the tinker toy.  There are some gorgeous sculptures here that have a lot of time and effort put into them.  There are many trees and beauty surrounding this park as well so you can sit back and enjoy the gorgeous outdoors while observing art and the green earth.  Watch as the birds and other animals in the nature come and surround this park.


This is a great place to take your kids to teach them that they can do anything in life if they just put their mind to it.  It just takes some imagination and creativity.  A little support along the way helps as well.  If you have someone rooting you on, it definitely makes you work a little harder.  Let your kids know that they can be wonderful artists just like John Martinson.


John's artwork is such a hit that he has a lot of his art at other places throughout the area.  Many people have requested things to be made specifically for them or their loved ones.  John is happy to take any requests.