Whether you're trying to look like a cowboy or simply sport the rough look, there are literally hundreds of western belt buckles for men to choose from! However, that doesn't necessarily mean that each of those buckles would be a good purchase!

I am not writing this to persuade you to buy a specific Western styled buckle for your belt, and I am definitely not writing this to promote any products. I am simply trying to open your eyes to the idea of buying the best possible ones! Keep these tips in mind when looking through the massive selection of Western belt buckles for men, and you will surely make the best purchase!

Go For The Stainless Steel Western Belt Buckles...Don't Cheap Out And Buy The Plastic Ones

There are basically two types to choose from in regards to men's western buckles. You can go with the cheap plastic ones or the not-so-cheap stainless steel ones.

Here are a few of the reasons that you should choose a stainless steel belt buckle rather than a plastic one:

-Longevity. The stainless steel western belt buckles cost about twice as much as the plastic ones; however, they will literally last 10 times as long!

-Authentic look. Most people are able to tell whether a man's belt buckle is made from stainless steel or plastic within 3 seconds of glancing at it. Do you want to be the cowboy-looking guy at a party that is known for wearing cheap clothing?

-Durability. Belts are worn at a level that allows them to scrape against tables, counters, and cabinets really easily. Western belt buckles that are made from plastic will begin to show wear and tear after only a few scrapes; however, the stainless steel ones will look brand new for a much longer period of time!

Don't be cheap...purchase any of the men's western belt buckles that are made from stainless steel!

Most Of The Western Themed Buckles Will Have One Of The Following Symbols On Them:

-A bull's head

-An eagle

-Two pistols

-A horse

-2 or 4 horseshoes

You're probably wondering why these symbols and icons are present on most of the western belt buckles for men! To be honest with you, these are the objects and animals that best represent what the Wild West stood for!

Cowboys rode on horses, carried pistols around, and liked to intimidate everyone in their town (like a bull). With that being said, these symbols best represent the western theme!

Men Should Buy A Black Or Silver Western Belt Buckle To Match All Of Their Clothing

There are a ton of western buckles that are filled with a wide variety of vibrant colors. These belt buckles may look awesome at first glance; however, you will quickly think differently once you try to wear a green belt buckle with a red shirt!

The simple matter of fact is that black and silver seem to match anything. You can wear them with any colored shirt and practically any pair of pants!

Who wants to have 20 different western belts to wear with 20 different shirts in their closet? Why not buy a single black/silver belt and be able to wear it with every single one of those shirts!

I would recommend taking a look at the western belt buckles on Amazon...they have an insane selection and most of the items are being sold at discounted prices!

Sport The Entire Western Look By Wearing Some Sheplers Jeans And Cowboy Boots

Let's be honest here...you can't wear any of the men's western belt buckles with a pair of dress pants and a formal dress shirt. It will simply look horrible.

You have to put on the complete cowboy look in order to really blend your belt buckle in with your clothes. You should consider wearing the following clothing to really pull off the western look:

-Light colored jeans that have been torn in various spots. Cowboys' jeans were usually torn from riding horses all day long, so you should replicate that look!

-Pointy brown cowboy boots. The clicking sound that the heels of the boots made was part of their intimidation factor!

-A brown belt to go with your western buckle. Every man should own at least one brown belt...pair it up with the western buckle that you have purchased!

You can use the items that are listed above to complete the cowboy look and really blend your belt buckle in with the rest of your western themed clothing! Just as a Halloween costume would not be complete without the proper personality, a western buckle wouldn't be complete without the jeans and boots!

Western belt buckles for men seem to be slowly growing in popularity! Use the tips in this article and get your hands on one now to beat the fashion trend! a