Western décor for the home is really an opportunity to get a really warm look in your home that's still going to work with a lot of the furniture that you really own. It's important that you make sure that this isn't really very dated. You can just make sure that you get an updated version of this.

It's pretty easy to get lost in a design style once you've started. You might just decide that rustic décor is right for you. However, then you start loading in a lot of bear figurines or really beautiful log furniture. Before you know it your favorite design style has turned into a nightmare because it looks like a cheesy gift shop or a masculine lodge. Instead take the time to decide how you're going to get balance in the space. A budget friendly way to do this is just by using one or two of the furniture pieces that you already have in your space even if they don't match this design style exactly.

If you want cowboy western décor then make this a little bit chicer. This means paying more money for wider plank hardwood floors. Skip a lot of the cutesy accessories. You could just try giving your family portraits a makeover with more of a sepia tone or just a barn wood frame. This allows you to make this chic enough to use in a main living space instead of just creating a theme that you're really going to be using within more of the nursery kind of themes. It doesn't have to be cheesy.

Architectural details are also really important when you go with Southwestern décor. This allows you to just use plain canvas, denim, and leather furniture. However this works really well with more of a terra cotta tile. Even if you can't use this on your flooring you could bring these tones in on your artwork or just interesting materials with your end tables.

We're also seeing a lot of antlers, even in more designer or modern homes. In this case you want to change up the materials which has a sense of humor but it's also really a chance for you to be animal friendly as well. We're seeing a lot of these plaster design styles as well as paper mache. It isn't supposed to look realistic. It's really going to have a lot of more of a basic white finish to make it more modern and contemporary which can be the perfect compromise if your husband wants to decorate with a lot of deer heads and you really want a chic kind of space.

If your room lacks architectural details then you want to bring in rustic western décor. This is going to focus on wood furniture instead of the painted pieces that are so popular right now. Keep the rest of your room light and airy with basic white walls so the space doesn't feel too heavy. That's right, this design style even works well for people who hate painting or really just hate to decorate with color. Just make sure that you bring in a lot of log or pine styles depending on your aesthetic.