WD 1TB hard drive

I had dozens of folders stored on my computers hard drive.  These folders contained hundreds upon hundreds of photographs.  Although I screen my photos after I have uploaded them onto my computer from the SD card, and delete a number of them, I decided to go through them all, burning them onto CD’s for storage if I had no immediate use for them.

I had been transferring my photos to CD’s for over three years when I finally tired or such and archaic method.  I now had dozens of CD’s that I would be required to store somewhere.

I knew that external hard drives existed; it’s just that one with a large enough capacity to store all my photos was, at the time, rather expensive.

A few weeks ago though, I looked into them again and found that large capacity external hard drives have come down in price dramatically over the last year.

I walked into the large electrical retailer and was instantly pounced upon by an eager young salesman asking me what I was after.  I said “External hard drives” and he launched into a well rehearsed speech about computers and why I should buy one instead of an external hard drive.  I explained that I just needed one to solve my ‘storage of photos’ problem.  He eventually stopped trying to sell me the latest in laptop technology and led me to the shelf loaded with hard drives.

There were heaps.  Ranging in capacity from 500GB to 3TB, there were numerous brands and sizes.   I knew that a 1TB (1000GB) hard drive would be ample for my needs but, as always in similar situations, the old ‘big is better’ train of thought entered my mind and I started to browse the 2 and 3TB prices.

Another look revealed that there were no 1TB drives on display.  I asked if they had any 1TB capacity drives and the salesman waved his hand vaguely in the direction of the sales counter.  I walked over and saw a whole display of 1TB drives, all Western Digital.  These had been marked down and were almost half the price of anything else on sale, including the 500GB drives.  For $55AU I was not complaining.

The Western Digital 1TB external hard drive is so simple to set up and use that it’s hardly worth noting.  It is just a matter of plugging it in and connecting it to your computer via the USB cable.  That’s it.

The entire device consists of a black box and two leads, one a USB the other the power cord.  The black box measures 18c x 11.5cmx3.5cm or 7inx4.5inx1.5in.  Both the power cord and the USB cord plug into the same end of the box. 

A tiny white LED next to the USB cable illuminates when it’s on and flashes when it’s doing something.

So far, I have approximately 1000 images stored on the drive, with double that to go.  I have used 80GB of space, so I’ve got to fill another 920GB.   

Because it is such a simple piece of equipment, I can’t see any reliability problems arising and nothing has happened yet to indicate this may be a problem.

So if you need to clear some files from your computer and store them elsewhere, forget the CD’s.  An external hard drive is simple and has room to store heaps of data.  The 1TB Western Digital External Hard Drive will only drop further in price with the introduction of the 2 and 3TB drives, but are you really going to need more than 1000GB?