• Huge 1Tb Capacity
  • USB Powered
  • Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Looks Stylish


  • Exterior May Scratch Easy (No Carry Case Inc.)
  • Not MAC Compliant (but MAC version available)

Full Review

The Western Digital 1TB My Passport SE Essential is the most popular external hard drive that is available on the market right now. The WD Harddrive boasts a massive 1 terabyte of space which can store all your files, movies and music. What we will be reviewing today is the hard drives capabilities, its functionality and most of all our thoughts on what the user's think about this drive. So let's get started with the review of the product:

One of the core features of this hard drive is the size/capacity of 1 TB, this use to be such a magical figure just a few short years ago now we are looking at 2 and 3 terabyte drives so what makes 1 tb so special? The fact that this is the largest capacity USB powered drive available on the market. Although there are other Western Digital external hard drives available you can only use these with the assistance a power pack or power cord. This drive is solely powered by the USB as is also USB 2.0 so you have just enough speed to transfer large amounts of files back and forth between the drive and your PC/Laptop. One thing to note about this hard drive is that it is not MAC compatible but Western Digital have a MAC compliant version of the WD 1TB My Passport so if you do have a MAC ensure that you get the MAC version. The MAC version of the WD 1TB Passport is distinct from the PC version because it is Silver instead of PC black.

Another thing we liked about this external hard drive is the warranty that is provided by Western Digital which is a full one year manufacturer's warranty which guarantees any hardware fault. This is essential to the buyer when you are keeping so many files on an external drive, you really need the trust in the manufacturer that this will not break. There is nothing worse than losing all of your files(it has happened to us)!

The Look: The WD 1Tb Passport drive is slim, just like the rest of the external hard drives in this range and is roughly only 1 centimetre think and can easily fit into the palm of your hand. The entire drive is black (standard color) and features curved edges which allow for drive to carefully fit into the palm of your hand. We suggest that if you are going to buy a western digital 1tb passport you should get yourself a carry case, or small zip up pouch to move it around. We believe that the black gloss/glossy exterior although looks great, will probably scratch quite easily and over time look a bit worn. So get a cheap case and make the exterior last!

In Closing

In summary, it is clear why the Western Digital 1Tb My Passport SE is the fastest selling external hard drive and that is due to its capacity, useability thanks to the USB powered drive and all the look of the drive, because to us it looks like one of the best looking external drives we have ever seen. We look forward to Western Digital bringing out even larger capacity external drives for this range in the future.