If you are a camping guru you know the importance of a good sleeping bag; especially if you on a mountain in the middle of the night with the wind blowing and a chill in the air.

The goal to these outdoor activities is to have fun and being tired, cranky, and cold because you didn’t get a good night’s sleep is not an option. Western Mountaineering sleeping bags are top rated.

Consumer reviews on their sleeping bags have been excellent. If you are in the market for a new bag, look at them first. Let me show you why. Antelope Super MF is a down three season bag that is roomy and accommodates even larger framed individuals.

This bag is a great choice and the down insulates up to 5 degrees F. The best part is that this bag has open baffle construction, so on warmer nights you can shift the down to the bottom of the bag to avoid overheating.

Available in a range of sizes, this compact bag is easy to carry and weighs in at about 2lbs. And since it’s weather resistant you can be sure you’ll stay dry all night long. If on the other hand, you are looking for a warm weather bag the Caribou MF is the bag for temperatures above 35 degrees.

These bags have 850+ down fill to offer the best insulation available. This bag also offers more room than other bags while still retaining the mummy design. Breathable fabric and a snag free design is top notch.

The light weight design makes carrying the bag easy and provides great protection for warmer nights. If you are hiking mountains you know you need a great cold weather bag.

The Western Mountaineering Puma Super DL protects campers to 0 degrees, a must have for winter and high altitude where temperatures are below freezing. This bag is sure to keep you warm and dry.

The draft tubes, hood, and outer material is made out of Dry Loft which will protect you and the bag even in wet weather. This bags weather hood is also top notch and ensures warmth and comfort.

Western Mountaineering offers some of the most top notch sleeping bags to meet all of your camping and hiking needs. While these bags are a bit expensive, they are sure to please. You can’t go wrong with these bags.