Wet dry electric razors for men are a cool new invention and way to shave. You don't have to worry about electrocuting yourself with wet dry electric razors. If you want to shave in the shower, then wet dry electric razors allow you to do so. It's great to have the option to shave with an electric razor in wet areas. Let's face it, wetness is how men get the smoothest shave possible. A smooth shave that we all desire. That has always been one of the cons about using electric razors. Although it provides less irritation, razor bumps, cuts, and nicks, it was still difficult to get that smooth shave that women love.

I think most men will agree that they absolutely hate shaving. I really hate it since I have really sensitive skin. Skin bumps, razor bumps, bleeding, irritation, you name it, I would get it from shaving with razor blades. However, I also love to get that nice smooth shave that you seem to only get from razor blades. So for me I'd basically use the electric razor, then use an actual razor blade for special occasions. Using wet dry electric razors for men allow you to achieve a smoother but less irritable shave.

There are a variety of different wet dry electric razors to buy out on the market. Panasonic, Phillips, Braun, Norelco, and most of the common electric razor brands should carry wet dry electric razors for men and women. They're cordless electric razors that make it easy to travel with and to use at any time, or any place.

Why use Wet Dry Electric Razors

Throw away your razor blades or dry electric razors, and purchase a wet dry electric razor for a smooth and comfortable shave. It's pretty simple why you should use a wet dry electric razor. Moisture to begin with makes for a less irritable shave. You rub a facial cream on your face and neck. Then you wash your face with really warm water to help make the skin smoother, softer, and less irritable. Plus moisture and facial creams help to wake up hair follicles, making it much easier to get that smooth shave. It's basically smoothness meets comfort. That's always been the disadvantages of electric razors vs shaving blades. Dry shaving isn't as smooth as wet shaving.

The good thing about electric razors, although they can sometimes cause razors burns too, there's less chance of razor cuts and nicks. When you combine moisture it's a much more comfortable shaving process. There are different wet dry electric razors for men to purchase out on the market. You still want to buy a quality brand. I love the lift and cut system provided by Philips, and the rotary blades featured on their Norelco products, making it easier to get to the most difficult spots on the face. I've listed some recommended wet dry electric razors for men down below.

Some Wet Dry Electric Razors to Buy Online or at Local Stores

Philips Norelco 7735x Cool Skin Lotion Dispensing Cordless Rechargeable Shaver - I'll admit that I am a Philips guys. I own a Philips Norelco electric shaver, and really love their products. Philips electric shavers provide safe, smooth, and comfortable shaves. I would highly recommend Philips electric razors for anyone looking for a quality wet dry electric razor, or just a good electric razor in general. There are other quality electric razor product brands out on the market too. I just think Philips makes some of the higher quality electric shavers, personally.

I love their cut and lift features. I love the flexible shaving heads that make it easy to shave in those difficult spots on your face. And of course the triple shaving heads that comes with a Philips Norelco electric razor blade. Two on the top, and one on the bottom. These are highly recommended wet dry electric razors for men. This is one of the best wet dry electric razors to buy from Philips. It's better than the 6701x and 7735x. Not only does in come with a shaving lotion dispensing system, it includes glide rings, quick clean system, travel pouch, and a multifunction LED display. It sells at amazon, but its currently out of stock. So that is kind of a bummer. Check at your local stores. Check ebay for similar wet dry electric razors from Philips. Or put the 7735x on your wish list on amazon. Hopefully it will come back in stock, a great product.

Philips Norelco 8020X Skin Moisturizing Shaving System - You can find the 8020X in stock to buy online. Features the Norelco flex blades that adjusts to your facial structure to provide that smooth shave. Comes with a skin moisturizer to apply to the face for your pre-shave, then wash with warm water. Comes with a charger, and requires 8 hours of charging. Other features include rechargeable Li-ion batteries that come with purchase. Another quality Norelco electric shaver that can be used for wet or dry locations. It's a bit expensive, costs around $100. You can buy online at ebay and brighton beauty supply.

Braun Series 3 Shave 340 - I've never tried Braun electric shavers, but plenty of people love their products. They've got some popular wet dry electric razors for men to buy. The 3 Shave 340 seems to be the most recommendable wet dry electric razor product that they have out on the market. If features a triple action free float system, which has three independent heads for long or short hair shavings. It's not a rotary blade like Norelco razors, but for those who like the foil razors, then this might be the wet dry electric razor that you're looking for. There's a 60 day money guaranteed back when purchasing. The product comes with a cleaning system and comes with rechargeable batteries. You can buy the Braun Series 3 Shave 340 wet dry electric razor online at amazon, theEssentials.com, provantage, and pricebreak.com.

Note: Wet dry electric razors are safe to use in the shower. If you don't like what you find, Braun has a large collection of wet dry electric razors for men to purchase online or at local stores.