The best thing about Wet N' Wild Megaslicks lip gloss is the price. Even the youngest girl can round up a few quarters to buy one of these glosses. The cheap (or should I say affordable) price is great for experimenting with different shades.


There really isnt anything negative I can say about the Megaslicks other than the color name is never printed on the label. Wet N' Wild does print the shade name on the plastic of the un-opened product, but after you open it and throw the wrapper away, you can forget the name of the color. It sounds prettier to say, "I love my Berry Burst lip gloss", than to say, " I love my Megaslicks 507A lip gloss". Well, I suppose we can't have it all.

Full Review

Years ago, I used to avoid Wet N' Wild cosmetics because I found them to be somewhat poorly made and also lacking in color choices. Over the years, I began to notice that Wet N' Wild was coming out with better packaging, improved formula's, and much nicer shades to choose from. Here's my experience with my Megaslicks Berry Burst lip gloss:

  • Price-Did I mention cheap? I have seen these at the drugstore for as low as $0.99 each . In today's overpriced cosmetics market I see this as a huge bargain. You would think that a lip gloss for so little money would be really bad, but the Megaslicks are surprisingly nice. I picked up my Berry Burst gloss for a whopping $1.99 at C.V.S. drugstore. At that price, it wouldn't be a wallet-drainer if the color turned out to be a blooper.
  • Packaging- As you can see by the photo, the Megaslicks packaging is very basic. A nice, slim tube of gloss with the regulation sponge-tip applicator. The slim design means it takes up little space in your purse or make-up bag.
  • Color- The Berry Burst shade looks dark and pumpkin-orange in the tube. The surprise comes when you actually take the wand out and apply it to your lips. It applies on the lips like a soft, shimmery gold-peach. I actually keep a tube on my windowsill in the kitchen and love to re-apply it all day long facing the sun and checking out how pretty (and sexy) this color is.
  • Texture-The Megaslicks isn't sticky at all. It has a very smooth texture and you can't feel any of the shimmer particles on your lips. It doesn't taste like anything and has a slight vanilla cookie-type fragrance. This gloss is a shimmer formula and is certainly a semi-sheer, sparkly peach, not pumpkin-orange.


Wet N' Wild Megaslicks Lipgloss-Berry Burst 570A

In Closing

This is a nice, inexpensive lip gloss product that I would recommend to anyone who loves a bargain. The Berry Burst shade of Megaslicks is really pretty and would be a good lip shade alternative for a brunette with light to medium skintones looking for a soft, shimmery peach lip gloss that flatters her complexion.