The idea of a completely sealed room is an innovative design in home bathing. When done correctly, it is truly a stunning and pleasant addition to any home. Having it installed by a qualified professional will help to avoid dilemmas that can arise when dealing with water within the home.

In these designs, called wet rooms, the shower is not in a separate enclosure of its own. It is level with the floor and all the water drains to a single point in the floor. Wet room showers can include several different types of faucets and fixtures that massage and spray the body from various angles. Adding a translucent or transparent screen offers comfort and style in a brand new combination while helping to keep towels and toiletries from excess spray.

Shower Wet RoomsBecause it is such a unique approach a showering area, it is usually not recommended to use this concept for the primary bathroom in a house. Many buyers want to see at least one traditional bathtub in a family dwelling, and bathtubs or shower stalls are not a part of these newer types of plans. But as a second washroom or master suite, a wet room bathroom is a perfect choice and can add value to a home. The sleek, one-drain design and wall-mounted fixtures make cleaning a breeze. A quick wipe down and mopping are all that are required to return the space to a sparkling shine. Water rings and stains simply do not occur.

Do be sure to take special care with the installation of all fixtures. Even the prettiest design will become a disaster if it is incorrectly constructed. Leaks can seep into cracks, insulation, walls, and lower level ceilings. And damage caused by mildew and rot can be problematic. Expert builders will know how to avoid all these problems. A waterproof membrane provides protection from leaks. It will prevent all of these issues if installed correctly. Choose a contractor who has experience and skill in these types of installations. Do not be taken in by a cheap price or fast transformation. In this case, it is best to make the full investment of both money and time.

In the end, the results will pay off. Quality workmanship and materials are essential to success. Proper installation and attention to detail will ensure that the new bathing area is perfectly suited to the home, and lasts for years to come.