Wet rooms have been used for centuries in Europe, however outside the E.U. they are a rare treat to stumble upon. However, in recent years more people have been opting for these instead of shower compartments as they are considered far more efficient and favorable to use. Not only that, but the bathrooms have no specific shower space, so the entire room is a splash zone area for your shower.

The main reason numerous designers have strayed from these types of bathrooms is because of water leakages and the timber that was used to frame buildings. Now however, as the use of steel framing increases, along with waterproofing systems that are reliable, a wet room design is increasing in popularity.

One particular reason why a home owner may decide to choose these types of bathrooms is so they can save on the amount of space. If an individual has a small bathroom, they will soon realize that after installing a shower tray on a wall, it will limit the amount of space that can be used. However if they simply removed the shower wall, the limited space would no longer be an issue. When possible, it is ideal to always choose the largest shower that will fit in the space you have. Even if you have a small bathroom, a wet room will permit you to have a large shower.

If your bathroom is a small room, then it is best if you have a separate toilet. You will soon find that if your toilet shares the same small room as your shower, then the steam and water will soon ruin the exposed toilet paper. However if you have a large bathroom, then you should place your toilet far away from the shower. You may also want to think about installing a cabinet that has closing doors. This way you can store anything in particular that you do not want to get wet.

Another way to decrease the amount of splash from your shower is to either install storage shelves that are high enough to hold clothes and towels. You may also want to think about installing a ceiling shower instead of a wall shower jet. This way water will not bounce off the individual to splash objects that you do not want to get wet.

When a home owner wants to install luxury wet rooms it is important to consider the floor area. Make sure that you had adequate pooling and drainage to take the water. By having a fall installed in the shower space, you can stop any possible pooling. It is also important to think about a second drain, which should be away from the shower, for those who like to shower energetically. Also, install a waterproof lip that is raised at the entrance to your shower. This will provide a second form of defense and will help to contain the water.

The wall amour will need to have a waterproof casing, however on top of this your ideal option is to then place tiles. The floor should also be tiled, which will add to the lavish feel. Under the tiles, you can also think about adding heating for extra comfort in your wet room