The problems in a small town

I work in a small post office with two very strange women. I usually call them "girls" because they appear girlish, very young looking for their age. The younger of the two sisters, despite her huge bulk, could easily pass for 12. Her round unlined face never wears make up. Her expression is bland like a radish. Her hair is long, as if it's never been cut. I imagine, since she doesn't talk to anyone she would have no idea how to contact a hair cutter or barber, let alone pay for the service. She is about 30 years old.

In my mind I call her Dopey. She doesn't seem very smart. If a post box is full she keeps stuffing mail into it. If the mail crushes she doesn't notice. If it bounces back out she cusses. A customer told me once she needed pliers to pull out her mail from the other side. I would tell her there's no talking to my co-worker, but I can tell no one believes me. The woman is a moron. For seven months I attempted conversation. I said "hello" when I came in, and "good-bye," when I left. She didn't respond. I used to tell her things like "don't put mail in the boxes incorrectly," which garnered no response.

I found out quite incidentally that although Dopey did not respond to me, she had a reaction. She was outside cursing to herself like an insane person when our supervisor, the contract owner pulled up. She had no idea she was being observed. As he has not put me in any position of authority I gave up speaking to her after that. I can't care more than Bob. It IS his contract station, and he thinks Dopey and Lucky are smart.

I think they are just Dopey and Lucky. They are lucky to have jobs in this economy. They are dopey because they are unable to think for themselves in any capacity. Recently Lucky, the older sister, decided she wanted out of the cage of shyness. She began answering the phone for the first time in her ten years at the post office. She didn't have too much trouble stating our place of business. It was answering questions that threw her. She answers everything "yes." Once again I can't care more than Bob.

I mentioned to him that she was agreeing to do things I wasn't sure were even legal. It's a felony to tamper with the US mail. It's one thing for a consumer to instruct their friend to forward on some mail pieces, quite another to ask an employee. Does she even know these people? I wonder how since she hasn't got a friend, a hobby or an activity in the world beyond playing "Mafia Wars" on facebook.

If you want your mail forwarded, fill out a forwarding card. You can pick one up at any post office or do it on line. You can do it permanently or temporarily, but you need to do it in writing. This provides a record for the Federal Government of what your preference is for delivery. This is legal. Calling Dopey, and hoping you get Lucky, is not.