The electric grill is the easiest and most convenient of all types of grills to use. In recent years they've become so popular probably due to their convenience and not because of the endorsement of that retired boxing champion. In fairness to George Foreman, he really explained the benefits of the electric grill very well and as a result, over 50 million were sold in that year the ads first came out.

Truly there are numerous benefits to the electric grill. They come in contact and open models. The contact model was originally designed for sandwiches because it closes providing heat on both sides of the food. This takes away the need to flip a steak or a burger and theoretically reduces the amount of time required for grilling. The open model unfolds providing a greater grilling footprint for larger food quantities. So, if a typical grill can only handle 4 pieces of steak at a time, the open grill can add a few pieces more.

George Foreman and His Popular Grill

Electric grills have drip pans underneath the grill. The drip pan is a great feature of the electric grill. Unlike roasting or frying, the fat from meat drips away from your food and into the drip pan in an electric grill. This effectively reduces fat content in your final grilled product. The drip pan also serves to reduce the amount of smoke when grilling. This is especially important if you are grilling indoors.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of an electric grill is the ease and convenience it provides when you want something grilled. It's easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store. To use an electric grill, all you need to do is fill up with drip pan with water and switch the thing on. Waiting time is very short. Cleaning, as you can imagine is a simple and easy activity. When you are done, you can simply stick the grill into your cabinet as you would other kitchen pans and small equipment.

Electric grills can be considerably cheaper than a traditional gas or charcoal grill. Where built in gas grills can cost thousands, a simple electric grill can be found at most retailers for under $50.

A Common Electric Grill From Home Depot

Electric grills, depending on the brand and models can be purchased with a variety of accessory options. These options can include side trays, bun burners, plastic or non stick drip pans and grills, and carts, among others.

For grill enthusiasts, using an electric grill means foregoing the barbecue experience both in terms of process and taste. Unfortunately, the convenience that is one of the biggest advantages of the electric grill is also one of its disadvantages as far as serious grillers are concerned. That, plus the fact that you are prone to loss that barbecue smoked taste when you use an electric grill.

In conclusion, if you like barbecue and are willing to forego the smoked taste of traditional grilling for convenience, the electric grill is a must have.