Netbooks come in many names. Some people call them mini notebooks, others call them mini laptops, but no matter what you call them, they are the newest hippest release on the market. Many different manufacture companies are joining in the hype releasing their own interpretations of a netbook. In the end this leaves us with two questions. First, do you need a netbook? And second, which one is right for you?

Reading mini laptop reviews will help you find your answers, although the best place to start for finding these answers is by first deciding what you want to use your netbook for. If you are a hardcore gamer or enjoy editing video, honestly a netbook is not for you. Netbooks are not designed for those who need hardcore horsepower in a laptop.

Netbooks are UsefulMost mini laptop reviews will explain to you that notebooks simply were not designed to replace your main primary computer. Rather they are designed for those who work on the go, who spend a lot of time waiting in some sort of office, or any other situation where having a computer to pass the time would be handy.

All you need to know about a netbook is actually in the name itself. It is primarily used for surfing the net and is the size of a book. Get it? It can literally fit in your purse of bag, eliminating the need to always lug around a heavy laptop computer in a huge backpack that leaves your shoulders and back in pain.

With so many companies such as Asus mini laptops, MSI netbooks and Samsung mini notebooks offering different versions, what do you need to look for when considering investing in these little pieces of technology?

One of the first things you will want to look for is a netbook that offers a high performance and yet low power consumption processor. This will extend your battery life with normal use. Just so you know what normal use is, that would be surfing the net, checking your email, or editing document. You want to have at least 2 hours of battery life between each recharge. This will give you extra time to do whatever it is you want to do with your netbook.

In a perfect world you would want to look for a netbook with 1GB of ram or more, but most netbooks offer at least 512MB.

Also important is a Solid State hard drive. What this means is that when dropped, the failure rate is considerably lower. Not to imply that you should go around dropping your netbook, especially because if you buy a netbook with this feature you are going to end up paying more for less storage space. Although accidents do happen so it never hurts to be prepared.

Other specs you will want to pay special attention to are the operating system, the network connectivity, and even the keyboard size. If you have big hands, working with a tiny keyboard with bad key spacing can be infuriating. Also look at the ports the netbook has built in. An ideal netbook with have 1 VGA out port, which is for connecting monitors, 3 UBS ports, and a headphone and mic port. Also a SD card reader is standard in almost all netbooks.

Hopefully with keeping this information in mind and by doing your own research with reading your fair share of netbook reviews, you will be able to decide if a netbook is the best choice for you and your wallet, and if it is, what to look for.