Considering going on a cruise? Let me give you an insight

Cruises seem to be generally for older people and parents with school aged children, so if your young and single I dont believe its for you unless your main mission is to relax and enjoy the day time scenes of different countries, most cruises offer 7, 10 or 14 day stays.

The rooms are dependent on your package, basic rooms includes single beds on either side and staff will change the sheets everyday and clean the room daily once you have left the room. A mini safe is usually provided in the room to keep money or other valuable items safe for your use.

Breakfast includes fresh fruit, porridges, and english breakfasts. For the first couple of days its great but after being on a ship for two weeks i doubt you want to see or eat the same things every morning so with that in mind it would be useful to bring pocket money so you can enjoy the different food on the islands you may be visiting.

Lunches on a cruise ship normally offer chips, burgers, hotdogs and salads which are inclusive but there are healthier alternatives which will cost you additional money. Alternatively you'll probably be eating off the boat unless you are not prepared to shell out any more money

Dinner varies and depends on the different dining rooms on the boat, some of the rooms have designated times and people tend to enjoy dressing up and will also offer a tip to the waiters at the end of the nite, its only fair? right?

Overall i believe its a great experience to enjoy at leeast once in your life. they provide kids clubs for the children and most cruise ships will collect your child to have breakfast with the kids club staff. Day time activities include swimming pool games with the staff, bingo, Ice or fruit sculpting, and not to mention the various fruit machines if you a gambling person!

Children can enjoy a range of activities in the kids clubs, including talent contests, movie nights, story sessions, all clubs cater to the childrens age group.

Night entertainment involves caberet shows, singers, karaoke and pre selected movies.

Overall it is a pleasant experience, why not give it a go?