A list of tent trailer accessories to buy before your next camping trip.

pop up trailer campers





Pop up trailer campers are an economical way to camp a little more comfortably and make it easier to tow all your camping gear. The accessories for pop up trailer campers on this list will make your camping experience better and some will save you money in the long run.  

Pop Up Trailer Coverpop up camping coverCredit: Amazon

A pop up trailer cover is a must have accessory for pop up trailers if you are storing your camper outdoors. These campers are not perfectly weather resistant by design. The top that moves up and down, sunroof, and factors that make these campers economical do not always keep out wind, rain, sleet, or snow. And the hot sun can crack or otherwise damage the siding. Left outside without protection and you are likely to find storm damage to your pop up camper when you open it up at the beginning of the next camping season. The Camco Pop Up Camper Cover is a highly rated cover made from thick durable material and reasonably priced in the $100 range.

Solar Battery solar battery charger rvCredit: AmazonCharger

If you have a battery on your camper to run the lights or other electrical needs, then you will need a way to recharge the battery when camping, as they do not last long when used. A solar battery charger, such as the one made by Sunforce, connects directly to the battery. Place the solar panel on the roof of your camper in a spot that gets several hours of sunlight per day and your battery will not run out of energy during your camping trip.

Bike Racks

If you have a biking family, then you can add bike racks to your camper instead of having a rack attached to your vehicle. You can find bike racks for pop up campers to fit onto the top of your camper or the back.

Boat Rack

If you buy a pop up camper with a flat roof (no large sunroof or air conditioner) then you can easily add a boat rack to the top to hold a canoe or small fishing rowboat across the roof of the camper when lowered and being towed.

Coleman Tent Light

Coleman makes a tent light that attaches to any metal surface or fabric. These are great for attaching to the curtains that hang around beds to use for reading at night. To attach to the curtain you place the light on one side and attach it to a metal strip that comes with the tent light on the other side of the fabric. It’s a strong magnet and with the fabric pinched between the light and the metal strip, it does not fall down.

Folding Storages

You will need some space saving ideas for the pop up trailer camper. Fold down laundry baskets will store easily and can be used when camping for any number of items, from dirty laundry to holding sports equipment. You can also find folding camp pantries, folding shelving units, and folding baskets at any camping retailer. Before buying your folding storage items, look around your pop up trailer camper for where you can maximize on space and write a list. Also, take note as to how much countertop space you have. In pop up trailer campers, you can’t usually use hanging storage items and will need to work with the flat surfaces you have available.