Dewalt makes a fantastic drill, you've got to hand it to them!  When most people think of power tools, especially drills, the picture of a yellow and black Dewalt drill comes to mind.  They're the industry leader, and they make an amazing drill for professionals, hobbyists or people who want the best tool out there.

But What if the Cordless Drill You Need Doesn't Have to be the Best?

Thankfully, in today's diverse marketplace, you've got options.  There are many reasons people wouldn't like the Dewalt cordless drill.  Whether that be weight or cost, all reasons to look for a better option are good reasons.  Let's dive into some different alternatives to the popular Dewalt drill!

Weight - Hitachi DS18DSAL

If you worry about the weight or size of the industry standard drill, look no further for an alternative that the Hitachi DS18DSAL combo kit.  Featuring all of the standard features like 22 torque settings, high/low speed adjustment, 18v battery, and belt clip, this is a model that is sure to please any handyman or professional!

Building on the standard features, this amazing Hitachi product also includes a 1/2" chuck and features an incredible, 10 year warranty on the battery.  This is completely unheard of, and not at all normal in the cordless tool market!

Add to that the included flashlight and 2nd battery, and you've got a winner for anyone who is looking for a smaller, zippy drill that can fit many applications well!

Cost - Genesis GCD18BK

The Genesis GCD18BK is one of the top-selling drills on Amazon, despite that fact that no one has ever heard of the brand!  It is incredibly amazing that a product would be able to do this in the power tool market, but new tool brand Genesis has proved it can be done.

With over 100, 5 star reviews, you know that this inexpensive power tool has something special going on.  This tool has all of the standard features, such as a 3/8" chuck, 18v power and a belt clip, and comes in at a very low price.

Best Cordless DrillCredit:

On top of the basics, this drill doesn't have anything big that sets it apart from less expensive alternatives.  However, the love is in the little details, and this product makes up for it's lack of ingenuity with an integrated magnet, light, level, bit case and a hard storage case.

The Genesis is truely a new competitor in the power tool market, and a great one at that.  Homeowners, hobbyists and even professionals are astounded at the level of quality that abounds from such an inexpensive tool!