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Building an inventory for an E-Bay business is no small task.  I have been buying from resale shops, such as the Goodwill and Salvation Army, for years now, and reselling my purchases on-line on sites such as E-Bay,, and Craig's List.

At first I started buying and selling books, because they are usually pretty cheap and easy to sell.  I still suggest people start by selling books because it is easy merchandise to find, and easy to list for sale.  Websites like E-Bay and allow you to type in the book's UPC or ISBN number to easily categorize the book you're selling. 

However, even with books, some sell better than others.  I suggest you only purchase books in "very good" to "like new" condition.  In general, books don't bring in much profit, but damaged books rarely bring in any profit.  And people buying them on line will often rather pay two dollars for a book in great shape over an old and damaged one for 75 cents.  So be selective on the condition.  Also, look for best sellers, or books used in school, over obscure books.  The more popular the book, the more likely it will sell, and the faster it will sell. 

Board Games



Board games are another great item to look for.  People love board games, but often times they loose the pieces to them.  That's where E-Bay comes in. 

Often times you can find board games at the resale shops and garage sales for as little as fifty cents to a dollar a game.  Rare and collectible games can easily be resold on-line for ten to twenty dollars each.  And as for the more common games, you can sell off the parts, such as Monopoly tokens or Scrabble tiles, for a decent profit. 

The biggest obstacle in buying and selling board games is the cost of shipping.  An entire board game can cost nearly ten dollars to ship.  This can make selling games difficult.  So only look for rare or vintage games to sell as a whole, and sell the rest for parts, which can be shipped at a much lower cost.

Neck Ties


The world is full of guys in suits.  Day in and day out, men all over the world get up, put on their work suits, and top it off with a neck tie.  This need for neck ties creates a huge on line market for them.  And good for me and you, because resale shops are full of them!

The key to finding ties for resale is, like most other things, condition.  But name brand is important too.  A John Ashford or Nautica tie in great shape can easily be found for a buck and resold on line for four or five bucks!  It's easy money! 

Other clothing is hard to sell, but check out the neck ties when your shopping!


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Collector's love toys, and the resale shops have a ton of them!

We all know at least one Batman or Superman fan.  Or have a cousin who loves Star Wars,  Or we know someone who is looking for a toy for their kid, something unique.  This is good news for those of us who buy and resell! 

The key to buying and reselling toys is to look for vintage toys, or collectible toys.  Anything that is recent probably won't sell, but something from twenty years ago has a good chance, if it's in good condition.  Appeal to the consumer's nostalgic side and purchase the toys that everyone loved back in the day.  Chances are there is a nostalgic consumer shopping online right now for that old toy.

So make sure to check out that bin of old toys, and don't be afraid to pick up a handful of old Ninja Turtles and He-Man action figures!