If you are considering using a compound bow for shooting or if you already own one then I am sure you have thought about purchasing an archery bow release. Some people may tell you that they are not necessary, but there is no way that someone can comfortably, consistently, and reliably finger-shoot a compound bow. If you look at many of the archers that shoot frequently, you will notice that they shoot with some sort of aid. Using the different types available will allow you to keep your string nice and steady and will help wonders with your release.

There are many types of releases that are on the market, but the most common for archery bows is the index finger release that is typically accompanied with a wrist strap. You can basically use any finger to shoot the different archery bow releases that are on the market today. You want to get one that you are comfortable with because not all of them attach to your wrist. Some of them, like the thumb or pinky shooters are free standing  and are mostly favored by target shooters because of their lightning quick release. Test a few out to make sure that you are comfortable shooting, before you commit to the purchase.

You are going to get what you pay for when you are looking for an archery bow release for your compound bow. It is recommended that you get one that can be adjusted for both the length and the trigger pull. The reasoning for this is that you want to be able to adjust the release so that you can shoot the bow with the joint that is below the second knuckle on your finger. If you adjust the trigger to the heaviest tension then you can increase your accuracy as well. Having a heavier trigger allows the shooter to have more of a surprise shot.

If you were beginner, then I would recommend that you choose a wrist release aid. You should make sure to get one that has a strap that can be tightened and set to the same position every time. If it is flimsy then it will cause your anchor point to be different every time and that will cause your accuracy to go down, instead of enhancing it. Velcro straps will be the easiest to achieve this continuity, but if you are hunting they are not the best option because the Velcro will make noise. It is for this reason that I think hunters should get a buckle strap for their compound bow.

Whatever it is that you end up with, you should make sure that you get something that is the most suited to your needs. The purpose of getting an archery bow release is so that you can improve your shooting performance, not hinder it.  If you are a target shooter then I would most certainly suggest that you get a T-shaped release aid that is more sensitive to ensure your accuracy. If you are looking for something to accompany the hunter, I would suggest that you get a wrist release aid so that you do not lose it when you are moving your compound bow around.