Three dimensional, or 3D, glasses aren't a thing of the past anymore. The recent advancements in computer and graphics technology have made 3D movies more appealing to audiences than perhaps ever before. What might surprise many people is that movies and cinema are not the only forms of entertainment that are trying to take advantage of 3D. In fact, computers and specialized PC games are already being designed to try and immerse gamers into the world of the game they're playing. These might not be effective as the stunning graphics of the movies "Avatar" or "Coraline," but they are definitely improving with each passing year.

PC gaming glasses, also commonly referred to as 3d gaming glasses, vary from make to make and company to company. Some look like wireless sun glasses, while others are already emulating the worlds of science fiction, with glasses that look more like an upper face mask from a "Star Trek" episode.

There is more than one company developing this technology, although right now it seems pretty clear that "edimensional" is the biggest player, as they have been offering different types of 3D glasses for the PC for several years already, and continue to work to develop more advanced and life like models every year.

There are some games specifically designed to work with the 3D technology, although for now the most common goal seems to be using current technology to make the normal PC gaming experience more exciting. War games like "Modern Warfare" or "Mercenaries" takes on an entirely new definition when your weapon seems to literally be carried right in front of you, and enemies coming in for close combat look like they're really swinging weapons at your head.

3D glasses are often popular with gamers who love to fall into the world of an RPG, as well. Imagine playing a game like "Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion" where it feels like you really are exploring vampire infested caverns, or stopping a bear from trying to maul you. There are many possibilities that come with these glasses, and they're only beginning to scratch the surface

While this technology has a long way to go, funding in both cinema development and in striving for a real 3D video game (because the end goal is virtual reality - and 3D is the first step to getting there) will help to make sure that the technology behind 3D PC gaming glasses will only continue to grow and improve. Whether the company that takes advantage is edimensional or someone else, it's too early to say, but don't be surprised if in a few years 3D gaming on the computer is the norm.