On a daily basis, administrative assistants can expect their job requirement to change. As a result, they must be qualified to do many different things and they must be very flexible. As job expectations change administrative assistants need to be able to jump to the challenge. Of course, the most important job that the admin assistant has is the overall running of the office. They must be efficient, quick thinkers, and ready to transfers their skills from one job to another.

Scheduling is an Important Part of the Admin's Job
Administrative assistants often have several managers that they are responsible for and they must be able to keep appointments organized. Scheduling is a very important task because getting appointments wrong or setting them up with the wrong manager can have a serious effect on business. Just imagine if managers could never be sure if their appointments were set for the right time or not – it would be complete chaos and the administrative assistant would no doubt be fired! To avoid this the office assistant must make sure that all appointments are set for the correct time and in the right manager's calendar.

Excellent Written Material
Every day written documents move throughout the office and leave the office and a good many of these are written by the administrative assistant. Managers count on their assistants to provide well written memos, reports, letters, and even e-mails. If you have ever seen a poorly written memo or letter you know what you thought – you thought that the person who wrote it did not think that it was important enough to spend time on it to make sure it was written properly. Remember that grammar and spelling are important because they help you to convey the message that you want the reader to receive. When grammar and spelling are ignored the reader may not understand the message correctly and mistakes are made.

Phone Reception
Of course, an important part of an admin assistant's job is answering the phones. You are the first person that people will make contact with so it is important that you answer the phone with a friendly voice and a willingness to be helpful. Messages must be recorded efficiently and delivered to the person they are intended for. Sometimes administrative professionals will have switchboards to be responsible for and it takes concentration and effort to make sure that people who call in are directed to the right person and that no one is left on hold for too long. Answer phones is not a simple job and it takes care and precision to make sure that all calls are taken accurately.

The job of an administrative assistant is not easy as they have many responsibilities. It takes experience and training to do the job well. If you are interested in a career as an admin assistant it is beneficial to enroll in a business college where you can take an administrative professional course. The school you enroll in should be reputable and should teach students about the many responsibilities they will encounter. You can find yourself on the way to an exciting and rewarding career by starting with a great administrative assistant course.