It often seems as though retailers start promoting each year's Christmas items earlier and earlier. Sometimes it's amusing or even a little annoying to see Christmas items in stores when the back-to-school displays have just barely been taken down. However, this is a good time to start buying Advent calendars, which are very commonly used at the very beginning of the Christmas season.  

What Are Advent Calendars?

An Advent calendar, sometimes known as a countdown to Christmas calendar, is a fun way of counting down the days until Christmas. The calendar features a design with 25 numbered windows. One of these windows is opened every day starting on December 1. Behind each window, you'll find a Bible verse, line from a poem or song, joke or interesting fact or even candy.

Traditional Advent Calendars

There are many different types of Advent calendars to choose from. The most popular are religious designs, usually featuring a Nativity scene. Other popular religious designs include images of the shepherds or Wise Men arriving at the stable in Bethlehem. Other images associated with Christmas are popular. Kids love calendars that feature Santa and his helpers delivering toys. Some of the other imagery found on these calendars includes Christmas villages, decorated Christmas trees and puppies or kittens.



Options for Little Kids and Big Kids

 The pictures used vary in style, making them fun for all ages. Some designs are more whimsical, a very suitable option for younger kids. Many of these feature specific verses for younger kids or may use colorful stickers in place of windows. Others, good for older kids or adults, are designed to look like more traditional Christmas artwork.


Reusable Designs

Many designs are reusable, which is a good solution for people who are concerned about possibly wasting paper. Wooden or fabric options are easy to use year after year. Because these tend to be bigger in size, they're an excellent choice for toddlers or younger children who aren't reading yet.