Overview of Lanyards
Lanyards are an excellent option for keeping something on you without the hassle of removing it from a pocket, and breakaway neck lanyards offer the safety of unclasping in the even that the lanyard gets snagged. These types of lanyards are most often requested by schools, hospitals and nursing homes, anyone working with machinery, security personnel and government and military personnel. Breakaway neck lanyards come with a variety of safety breakaway options from flat breakaways located on the left and right side of the lanyard or a single breakaway located at the back of the neck. As you can see, there are many options when it comes to breakaway neck lanyards.

More on Buying Lanyards
If buying a single lanyard most arts and crafts stores probably have something that can fit the need. For buying bulk orders such as when outfitting a company staff or large number of employees there are many companies dedicated to meeting that need as well with some considerations.

First consideration is the width of the lanyard. Typical increments include 3/8 inches, 5/8 inches and ¾ inches. The more weight that has to be supported at the end of the lanyard can be more comfortably accommodated by a wider lanyard.

Second consideration in brief is the color, print, and logo of the lanyards. Companies specialize in custom lanyards have several color options to choose from categorized between standard and custom colors. They also have available a variety of prints to choose from such as desert camouflage or leopard print. Of course there often times the option to print your company logo on the lanyard as well.

The third consideration is what to stick at the end of the lanyard, metal or plastic. Common lanyard attachments include swivel hooks, available in metal or plastic, plastic rings, split key rings, alligator clips, badge holders or cell phone strings.

Safety lanyards are a little more expensive to buy than a standard neck lanyard but can still be found in the $2-$3 per unit price range or less depending on the purchase quantity. Having extras isn’t necessarily a bad thing since lanyards don’t take up much space, they do get lost from time to time and they are subject to wear and tear of use. With many options to choose from finding a breakaway neck lanyard to meet your work needs won’t be difficult.

Uses of Lanyards
There are many different objects that lanyards are used for. A USB lanyard allows people to carry around computer files they need, and is especially useful for college students. Large lanyards are often used for cameras, whistles, and even pens or highlighters. There are many different types of lanyards, and the most common type might be for key chains. This variety shows just how useful lanyards can be to the normal people.  From name tag and ID holders to carrying keys, or even keeping a small survival tool or two handy, these lanyards have many practical uses and it's not at all hard to see why so many online lanyard stores have sprung up to fill the high demand for this product.