One of the most important pieces of carp fishing gear for many experienced anglers is something you don't hear about very often: a carp fishing shelter. These shelters can actually be called by many different names, including bivvies, brollies, and umbrellas. Some are built for long term fishing excursions, while others are built for easy set up and take down for the short term fishing outing in mind. Obviously carp fishing shelters designed for long term trips are going to have a little bit more space and offer a little bit more protection than the shorter term designs.

That said, a good brolly is going to offer plenty of space to stretch out the legs, whether you are reclining in a chair or stretching out on bedding on the ground. You are going to be able to set up your rods and reels as you see fit, and once all the carp fishing gear is set up the way you want, your brolly will offer shelter from the sun or rain and give you a comfortable shady area to read a book, enjoy the day, or even sleep if you're going out for a full weekend angling adventure.

Prices can vary greatly between different shelters, and because of that a little bit of shopping is always in order. Many of the main online carp stores are British, so prices on various bivvies, brollies, hoods, and other shelters can vary anywhere from 80 Pounds to 300 Pounds, or about $120-$450 in terms of U.S. funds. Used shelters are an option, but you always want to be cautious as there could be damage or deficiencies you don't know about and are not protected with.

In the end, choosing the best fishing shelter is also going to be difficult because carp shelters can vary greatly and each angler is going to have a different preference. The fisherman who wants to spend an entire weekend in the wild away from civilization is going to need something much different than a casual Saturday afternoon angler who only plans to be out on the lake's edge for 6 hours and wants some basic shelter from sun or rain.

If you can't find exactly what you're looking for by typing in the words "carp fishing shelter," then also consider looking for terms like carp bivvy, carp brolly, umbrella, bivvy domes, or even pram hoods. All of these terms refer to different types of fishing shelters that can provide the comfort and outdoor protection that any good carp angler desires. So when you're looking for a great piece of carp fishing gear, don't forget that even beyond the line, rod, reel, stand, and alarms, you will want the perfect carp shelter to rest and relax until that big trophy fish hits.